A bad combination

In case anyone was wondering, a nasty case of PMS and one’s mother in law visiting for 4 days is just bad news. Apparently I know nothing about Sweetness, about parenting, and it’s pretty much amazing that I haven’t killed her in the past 16 months. I’m trying my bestest to be nice since thru are watching her for the week (no daycare for the month) but it’s getting harder by the minute


January 4, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. HereWeGoAJen replied:

    Oooh, I feel your pain. Mother-in-laws seem to get baby amnesia. My mother-in-law apparently seems to only remember having preschoolers. She’s all like “she takes two naps a day? Isn’t that a little…unusual?”

    Grrrr. Just remember, you are an awesome mother.

  2. Michell replied:

    Yikes. Hope it gets better.

  3. LJ replied:

    I will cut a bitch. I so know that feeling.

  4. Julie replied:

    I would be losing it too but hang in there and bite your tongue! You will most likely regret it if you snap at her. I can imagine how annoying she is but she is just trying to be important and valuable. She knows you’re a good mom. (-:

  5. Dr. Grumbles replied:

    Oh, I can sooooo relate!

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