My CVS rant

If we’re friends on fa.cebook you’ve probably already read half this saga (and as an aside, if we aren’t, feel free to friend me…I’m really bad about sending out friend requests but I always accept them).  My apologies for any redundancy but I’m still so angry about it that I figured I should blog it out.

Two weeks ago Sweetness had been running a really low temp (99.5-ish, not even a real temp), had a little bit of a runny nose and was puking about every 3 days.  Nurse at the peds office said it all sounded like teething and since she was working on 3 molars, I agreed.  Then one morning she woke with a higher temp and nasty cough.  I take her into the ped office and the poor little girl had a horrible double ear infection.  I couldn’t believe it, she never once showed any signs of ear pain.  So right off the bat I felt like a crappy mom.  And while there, her temp was 102.5, even with motrin, and I was told to get her antibiotics into her asap and to use damp towels or a bath to help bring that temp down.

So I head to the first pharmacy at the local grocery store and, shockingly, they are out of am.oxycillian.  How does that happen???  I walk the down 5 store fronts to CVS and am told it’s a 25 minute wait.  I practically have to beg one of the pharmacists for permission to sit in their completely empty flu shot seats.  Sweetness falls into a deep sleep on me and I can feel her little body getting hotter and hotter.  50 minutes later they call our name, I pay, walk back out to the car and load Sweetness in without her even stirring.  Get home, open the bottle, and was shocked that it was a powder.  I had been expecting the pink bubble gum medicine.  I start to think about how the hell I am going to get her to take this as a powder since she was so sick.  Before I tried to scoop it into a sippy cup I decided to call the nurse advice line.  Not only did something about it not seem right, but I really didn’t want to have to figure out how to give her the powder.  When I told the nurse what I had, she got so quiet that I thought my stupid ip.hone that drops pretty much every 3rd call had once again died in me.  Nope, she said she was speechless and disappointed in the pharmacy.  Apparently they had not actually prepared the medication.  Nothing like waiting an hour for nothing.  She told me to call back, explain the situation, and get the right meds.  Sweetness laid on me the entire time, getting even hotter but I didn’t think to take her temp at this point.

After fighting with the pharmacist on the phone (they didn’t want to waste a bottle of the meds and told me to bring what I had back in and they would prepare it while they waited, I of course, pitched a fit and said I needed it waiting there for me).  Load Sweetness back in the car, etc, etc and get the right meds.  At no point did they even apologize.  They just said they were busy.  Get home, give her meds, take her temp…105.7.  I freak, have no idea what I am supposed to do and decide to just get in the bath.  After 20 agonizing minutes with her crying the most pathetic cry I have ever heard, we get out of the tub and thankfully the fever was manageable.  I called the nurse back after all this and she told me that with a fever that high, I should have taken her to the ER.  Ooops…cue crappy mom background music (which would be my tears, in case you are curious)

Later that night the head of my pediatric office called to thank me for checking on the meds.  He didn’t say what would have happened if I had given them to her and, at the time, I didn’t think to ask.  But I’m guessing based on his call and his recommendation to report the pharmacist to the board, that it would have been bad news.  When Mr H got home I just sobbed and sobbed and decided that this was WAY too much responsibility for me.

I did report the pharmacist and I haven’t heard anything back.  At first I wasn’t going to…I had the whole “it’s a recession and I would have for someone to lose their job” and then I brought myself back to earth and realized “this was my baby”…or someone else’s baby. 

Sorry this ended up being so long, it was just the scariest thing we’ve had to endure in quiet awhile.  Of course, Sweetness is back to her adorable self.  So all is well that ends well…


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  1. Amanda replied:

    That’s HORRIFYING! I can’t believe they didn’t even apologize. Who cares how busy they are, that’s unacceptable. I’m glad you reported the pharmacist.

    And the fever…wow. That’s scary. I’m glad Sweetness is better, now. 🙂

  2. Rebecca replied:

    That is soooo freaking scary! I hate incompetency, but it’s especially horrendous when you’re dealing with kids. I’m glad you made the report.

  3. Deborah replied:

    That is horrible! I am glad you reported the pharmacist too. Maybe there’s an unemployed, polite and accurate pharmacist out there who needs that job. You can hope, right?

  4. HereWeGoAJen replied:

    Argh! I am so glad you were on top of that. Good for you.

    You are a very good mother. A bad mother wouldn’t have done any of those things.

  5. Heather replied:

    I’m so glad she is doing better!

    I would be furious! I’m glad you reported them. It isn’t like a receptionist with a bad day – their job can be lethal.

  6. Frenchie replied:

    Oh my gosh!! I think you did a really good job handling all that stress–and who knows, if you had gone to the ER how long you would have had to wait?!! It’s a hard call. At least you got her fever down. Good job, Mom. Glad you reported the pharmacy. What tools.

  7. LJ replied:

    You should submit this to and write the CEO of CVS. Horrifying story that thankfully ended with a safe and healthy little girl – but damn. Imagine if you hadn’t trusted your gut?


  8. k77 replied:

    Would love to friend you on FB, what name do I search for?

    What crappy, crappy, crappy service. Have you also written to their head office?

  9. K@ourboxofrain replied:

    How absolutely horrifying. I agree with Heather — mistakes in that field can be lethal, so good job reporting it.

    I’m so glad she’s feeling better.

  10. Michell replied:

    I would have been pissed too. Also reporting it is a good thing. As a nurse we are supposed to self report medication errors and they aren’t supposed to be punitive. However the idea behind it is to see what broke down in the process and lead to the error and how can we avoid doing it again. I think that’s really important. Looking at mistakes as a chance to learn from them. As far as the bad mom stuff, nope not at all. You are doing the best you can with what you have. Had you taken her to the hospital you it could have had more time with her fever up (going to the hospital and possibly getting stuck waiting in the waiting room) not to mention pokes etc. You got her in the water and cooled her down which helped much quicker. So glad she’s feeling better though.

  11. Follow up on the CVS rant « A Little Sweetness replied:

    […] Follow up on the CVS rant You might remember me screaming about how CVS tried to kill my baby here. […]

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