good news/bad news

Well the roof/house situation isn’t as bad as we thought, but it’s not as good as we had hoped for.  Guess I’ll have to settle for mediocre.  We have a contractor that we trust and has done work for us in the past.  He said he could do the roof for about half the price the emergency roofer told us.  So that is good.  What’s bad is that our homeowners will in no way cover the roof.  And they gave us a super low estimate on the repairs needed to the house.  Considering our deductible, they are only cutting us a check for about a third of the repairs.  The damage is very spotty–as in water found its’ way in and just streamed down in one straight line.  So I get that only that chunk of dry wall needs to be replaced.  But I can’t paint just 8 inches of wall…that would look stupid.  At least paint the entire wall and I’ll do the rest of the room.  It’s all petty stuff and I have a feeling we’ll be fighting with them for quite a while.  Our contractor said they also seriously lowballed the labor costs.  And I don’t think he is trying to get more out of them, his estimate to us have always been right on point and fair.

Where does that leave us in terms of family building?  Well, I am no longer on the floor, rocking in the fetal position with a bottle of wine.  So that’s progress.  It pushes things back a little.  It should push things back a lot but we had a really tough conversation about our savings.  While many would probably consider this irresponsible, we decided that we’ll take some money out of our retirement.  That’s 30 years away.  Our window for a second child is now.  It was hard for me because I am ridiculously anti-debt and I hate not saving.  Working part-time this year has been fantastic, but it means we haven’t been able to hit our savings goals, which makes me want to twitch.  Now, because of that, we are going to have to put the balance of the home repairs that our insurance won’t cover on credit cards.  And we haven’t had a balance on our credit cards since we got married.  So now I feel selfish for putting my immediate time with Sweetness over our family’s financial needs. 

But back to the important stuff, instead of going back to the RE in early spring like we had originally planned, it’ll probably be mid summer.  Hopefully by then we will have paid off the repairs that are needed.  Now I’m fighting with my inner OCD infertile.  Part of me wants to whip out my CBEFM and schedule the shit out of the next 6 months.  Because if we could do this for free…well, that’d be awesome because I also decided that I really, really, REALLY want to move.  (today, in my neighbor’s backyard appeared a sink, a toilet, and a bumper…wtf???)  The other part of me asks why the fuck should I even bother?  Plus, like I’ve said before, it’s fun that s.ex can actually be fun again.  So I’ll probably be swiping that credit card again in July, but at least it’s for a better cause.


February 21, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Michell replied:

    Sucks about all the repairs but I hope it doesn’t take too long to pay them off. My thought is that if you have the ability to “try” for free it certainly doesn’t hurt to keep at least trying.

  2. A'Dell replied:

    TOTALLY with you and TOTALLY agree. I’d spend a lot of my savings to have another child now. I can’t have another child later but I can sure earn more money later. I don’t think it’s crazy in the least. I’d do the very same thing.

    I think I’m going to be cycling this summer too, so I”ll be right there with you! I also thought about scheduling the crap out of the next few months, but part of me thinks, “Um, I already tried that once and now I’m about 4 years older and….I don’t think it would work and it would just be really stressful.” So, no on that one for us.

    Good luck – you’ll get through all of this and it will be fine. I just know it.

  3. HereWeGoAJen replied:

    I think that sounds quite responsible, actually.

    Just tell Sweetness that you expect her to take care of your retirement.

  4. Lucy replied:

    Home repairs suck. Glad it is half the cost though–that is definitely a silver lining. And while general advice for people is not to take money out of retirement, you’re doing what’s best for you and your family, and it’s not like you’re not aware of the long run or don’t have time to make up for it later.

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