Follow up on the CVS rant

You might remember me screaming about how CVS tried to kill my baby here.

Today, while driving home, my cell rang with a number I didn’t recognize.  What happened next is shocking for a number of reasons.  First, I picked up the phone.  You see, I hardly ever answer my phone.  I really hate talking on the phone.  If I don’t know the number, I’ll answer maybe once a year.  And, I was driving.  I hardly ever answer the phone while driving anymore.  Not because I’m all about safety or anything.  But because I have a 50 minute ride home (on a good day) and I spend a vast majority of that time singing random nursery rhymes to Sweetness.  Most callers do not want a rousing rendition of 5 Green and Speckled Frogs.  Plus, if I’m singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider while doing the hand motions, it’s hard to do that, and steer, AND talk on the phone.

So anyway, the phone rang with a number I didn’t recognize while I was in the car and I did a crazy thing…I answered.  Turns out it was the fabulous Wanda J from the Virgina Pharmacology Board.  She had some follow-up questions about the report I had filed a month ago.  She couldn’t give me a ton of info, basically she wanted more things from me but I was so excited that they were actually following up on the whole thing.  I really had thought that might report had ended up at the bottom of pile on some desk in a sun-less cube in a basement somewhere.  It scares me to death that this pharmacist could get “really busy” again and make another terrible mistake.  And while it did take them almost a month to follow-up, I’m going to just be happy that they did.  I asked if they would close the loop and let me know of any resolutions that come from this but she wasn’t sure if they could legally.  I don’t care, I’m just glad someone is looking into it and it hopefully won’t happen again


February 22, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. HereWeGoAJen replied:

    Five green and speckled frogs, sat on a speckled log! Eating some most delicious bugs, yum yum!

    That is great that someone is looking into it. I am so glad you filed a report.

  2. Rebecca replied:

    It’s so nice when something actually gets done!!!

  3. Heather replied:

    That is great news!!

  4. Jennifer replied:

    I commend you for making the report…because the next time it could be a fatal error on the part of that “busy” pharmacist. Even if they don’t close the loop…know that you did all you could to do the right thing. Great news.

  5. Michell replied:

    It is good to hear that things are being looked at and that hopefully this will be a chance to avoid it happening again.

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