I’ve been a bad poster lately and that’s because I’ve had my head in the toilet the last week.  I’m probably the only person who gets hit with severe morning sickness at 10 weeks.  It’s supposed to be getting better then.  Z.ofran is my new best friend.  It lets me keep down red ga.torade and the occasional piece of toast.  I went crazy yesterday and tried to eat some plain pasta…BAD idea.  Sticking to my toast.  Had the blood draw for my NT scan today.  I was down 4 lbs overall and 2 in the  last week.  Going to try to go back to work tomorrow. 

Mr H has been amazing the last week.  He took Sweetness to NY by himself for the weekend.  It was his grandmother’s 100th birthday party.  Felt horrible that I missed it.  And since coming back he has down the daycare drop off and pick up every day.  This doesn’t sound like a big deal but we live in Virginia, I work in Maryland and Sweetness’ daycare is right around the corner from my work.  Mr H works in DC.  So each day he has fought Beltway traffic to get her to daycare, then head into the city and then leave work early to get out to the burbs to pick her up, and then fight his way back home.  I knew it could potentially be a pain in the ass that she was near work and not near home but this is the first time it’s been an issue. 

Now that I’ve got the laptop working a bit better I’m going to get to commenting on everything I have marked as unread in my reader.  It’s all probably old news at this point hu…


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Breathing again

Thank you all for your thoughts and stories. After spending an eternity in the waiting room I finally got called back and saw that little heart beating a mile a minute. Couldn’t determine the cause of the spotting so I had to get the Rh shot just in case. A sore butt is a small price to pay though.

Lots of tears of relief today, a nice change from the weekend

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Damn spot

Woke up at one point on Friday night to brown spotting. Not a ton, but enough to freak me out. I called the on call doc in the morning and my choices were ER or wait until Monday. Since it was a one time thing and I would be so low on the ER triage list, I decided to wait until Monday. Of course I’ve been an absolute wreck all weekend, freaking out at every cramp and twinge. All along I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop, thinking that we got this way too easily so of course something will go wrong. Goes to show you can’t take the girl from the infertility clinic but you can’t take the infertile out of the girl. My body is still fucked up

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