Hello there!

I’m “working” from home today which of course means a nap and blogging!  I’ve been MIA for way too long and don’t have any good reason for it.  My only excuse is so lame and of the First World Problem List that I’m almost embarrassed but my laptop is dead so I can only do things from my phone or go down into the dark cold basement.  The phone is an ok method, but it’s annoying to try to do a real post from there.  And I get super annoyed commenting that way.  So I’m trying to make up for it today.

Tons going on, all of which could be their own post.  I’ll bullet for now and hopefully get the time to expand on them

  • I’m home today because my mom was having surgery.  Nothing major, a cosmetic elective procedure but it’s still scary having someone you love be on an operating table for 5 hours.  Even if they decided to be there.  And it’s still unsettling taking care of one of your parents.
  • I’m still cruising along with this pregnancy.  15 weeks today. Outted myself on f.acebook yesterday (and yes, I know I said a thousand years ago that I would add people who left me comments and I suck at looking people up.  If you are so inclined, search for M.eghan Ho.ffman.  I always accept requests ;))
  • But anyways, still pregnant.  Had one more episode of spotting this week.  Still no reason they could find.  Told not to worry, it might happen the whole time.  Does anyone not worry about something like that??  Un-enforcable!
  • In preparation for this new little bundle, we decided to move.  Again, it sounds so first worldly to say that our 3 bedroom townhouse is too small.  It’s not that small and if we were able to pick it up and move it just one block over we’d be fine.  Our neighbors are ridiculous.  Two teenage boys live 2 houses down.  They have both dropped out and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they were dealing drugs all day long.  There are always kids in packs of 5-7 coming in and out at all hours of the night and it is just a matter of time before something bad happens.  Cops are there at least 2 twice a month and just last weekend the EMT’s were called because another neighbor thought he saw someone OD and pass out from his window.  (the peeping tom neighbor is a whole other issue).  So I want out.  It’s not the smartest financial move for us right now but wouldn’t be the worst money related decision we made.  So right now we’re putting about 60% of our life in a storage unit and cleaning like nobody’s business.  And of course drooling at the potential houses we could move into.  Oh, and the most surprising thing….the mortgage company still approved us for WAY more than we could afford.  I thought that nonsense had stopped but I guess not.  So it was nice to look at those places and dream but thankfully we’re both smart enough to do the math and figure out that when the monthly payment is 70% of your take home salary, that’s not really a good idea
  • Best news yet…I’m going to stop working in November!! At least for a year.  Two little ones in daycare leaves me with barely anything else left over.  I’ve been really lucky this year to also work as an Adjunct for a local university so I’m going to keep teaching 1 class a semester.  That pretty much makes up the difference in what would be leftover from my salary.  I thought I would be crazy ass excited but I’m getting scared.  I really hope I’m cut out for this.

Ok, off to read what’s going on with all of you.  Last week I got very overwhelmed and marked everything as read in my reader.  So please let me know if I’ve missed anything exciting!


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