Riddle me this

Sorry its been so long and thanks for checking in. I can only post from my phone now and it’s been annoying.

But even more annoying than ones laptop being broken is househunting. We just put a very reasonable offer in on a great house. Close enough to list price not to offend but recognized the amount of work the place needed.

It got rejected immediately. They said they would have rejected a full price offer. Now a reasonable person would ask why. Because they aren’t ready to sell. They put their house on the market but have no plan for what to do. And this place didn’t just go on the market. It’s been sitting with very little traffic for a month already. What the fuck???

So now I’m angry. We’ve been outbid before and I’m fine with that. I also would have been fine with not being able to negotiate something. But this pisses me off. Because all these things completely out of my control are fucking with my family and life plans. Brought me back to the last time something out of my control fucked with my family plans. And I hate being in that place and feeling this way.

So now we are onto Plan G. And quickly running out of time. We close on our current house on Aug 11th.

I really hate stupid people…


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