lots of updates

I know I’m due for a real post but bullets will have to do for how:

  • My laptop is back!  Which means I will be able to post more.  This doesn’t sound like a big deal but just trust me, it is. 
  • We found a house!  I left you all hanging there with my rant on those morons but luckily we found a much better house that I think we will work better for us.  The other one, while cheaper, needed a lot of work before we could even move in.  I definately have different decorating tastes than the previous owners (as in I do not believe in wall paper borders)
  • More importantly than the house, I am very much still pregnant…with another little girl.  I was shocked to realize that I’m 26 weeks already and am still in disbelief that the whole thing ever happened, let alone that I’m about to enter my 3rd trimester. 
  • So far all has been well with the pregnancy.  Still some random spotting every once in awhile but I’ve learned not to freak out too much over it.  And I still have a very irritable uterus.  Lots and lots of Braxton Hicks

Most importantly to all of you, with my easy internet access back, I can comment again!  It was such a pain in the ass from my phone.


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