Too smart for her own good

This was the scene at pre-school pick up earlier this week:

Soph was playing on a little snowbank with one of her friends for a little bit.  When it was time to leave I called for her.  She didn’t come.  I called for her again.  She didn’t come.  I told her I was going to count to 3 or I would come and get her.  I said “one…two…”  And from 10 feet away, she says ‘3’ and flashes me what is sure to become her f-you smile. 

The other mom standing with me laughs (thanks for the support) and I walk over to her.  Before walking to the car I gave my standard reminder that we were in a parking lot and she needed to hold my hand.  As we get to the car she tries to run away.  In my best mom voice I say “this is your warning, make a good choice” (side note: a bad choice leads to time out and she knows this.  Time out is always in the corner of whichever room we are in).

She turns around and says to me “there are no time out corners outside mommy”

I so wanted to put her in time out for being a smart ass!  According to my mother, I deserved that and everything she’ll thow at me in the future


January 16, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. HereWeGoAJen replied:

    Yep, too smart for her own good and for YOUR good. 🙂

  2. Deborah replied:

    I’ve given my son time-outs in the car before (generally for running in the parking lot). I just stick him in there, or in his carseat, and stand outside the door and say “we’re not leaving yet, I’ll get in the car after your timeout” or something like that. I think the word timeout is enough for him sometimes.

  3. Michell replied:

    Lol. You might be in trouble when she hits her teen years.

  4. Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 replied:

    I like the idea of the time-out in the car! I think that anything requiring getting no attention would drive them nuts! I know it does my two!

    Were you the “lurker” who left the comment about the maternity clothes (BTW, I don’t consider you a lurker)? Your email isn’t linked, so I hope I’m guessing correctly! Have you tried Target??? I found a lot of cute things there. Kohl’s also has a decent section, but it depends on the Kohl’s in your area!

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