Stupid people 1.0

Remember that bumper sticker “mean people suck”?  Stupid people are worse.  I have no tolerance for them.  And there is this mom at pre-school that is beyond stupid.  I seriously can not believe that she has managed to raise 3 kids without killing them she is so stupid.  She just talks constantly about things she knows nothing about.  This is an exchange I had with her last week.

It was one of those really nice days and after pre school pick up the kids were all running around outside.  I had Amelia on my hip.  Let me first say that she is a deliciously chubby baby.  I could feast on her for a week and there would be plenty left over. She’s 85% for weight and 90th for height.  And in case stats aren’t your thing and you doubt me, check out this recent pic:

And if you think those cheeks are impressive, you should see her thunder thighs. The Bumpo leaves rings on her legs.  Anyway, I tell you all this because Stupid Mom was commenting on her size.  She then put on her lecture voice and in front of EVERYONE started going on and on about how I should still be nursing her and shouldn’t have given her formula.  I actually kept my cool for a few minutes and very calmly said “Why do you say that” (because while I think that every mother should decide what to feed her child without shame, Amelia is still getting breastmilk).  She responded that breastfed babies are less likely to be obese because they control how much they eat, blah, blah, blah and obviously if she was getting breastmilk she wouldn’t be overweight. 

Ummmm…it’s pretty darn hard (I think impossible but I haven’t checked so I don’t want to say for sure) for a not yet 5 month old to be overweight or obese.  I was too afraid to get into a no win breastmilk vs formula battle with her so I just said that the doctor thinks she’s growing fine so I’m not worried. 

Seriously though, why would someone say that?  And while I have so many potential stupid posts about this woman I decided to number them, I just have one more thing to add.  The day before, as the baby spit up ALL over me, she asked if I was worried she’d grow up to be bulimic because she’s getting used to throwing up all the time.  I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried….


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