Things I love

Yeah I know, I said I was going to get better about blogging and did for awhile and then I dropped off the face of the earth.  And then everytime I was going to get back on the horse it just seemed like too much effort to explain why I stopped.  It was so negative, exactly what I’m trying to avoid.  So instead I decided to make a long list of some things I love right now.  And then move on from here

  • A nice spicy red zin with a some yummy pasta
  • Braiding Sophie’s hair before ballet class.  The cuteness is just too much for me
  • And speaking of hair, Amelia is a little fuzz ball right now and I can’t handle it
  • My house.  We might be running a deficit each month but its worth it
  • Sitting in the Aiderondack  rockers with a glass of sweet tea vodka
  • That when Sophie says “I love you” she genuinely and sincerely means it.
  • white mochas…yum
  • my soaps.  Not ashamed to admit that I’ve been watching GH since I was 3 years old
  • the way Amelia’s hair flows back and forth in the breeze when I’m rocking her in the glider.  It reminds me of coral when you’re snorkeling.  And there’s something so peaceful about it.
  • Reef flip flops.  They make my feet happy all summer long.
  • Costco–but not on the weekend, only mid-week
  • A perfectly chilled glass of rose on a hot humid summer night
  • Sushi
  • Watching Sophie eat sushi! Yup, she loves the pink fish (salmon sashimi)
  • My hubby—I couldn’t ask for a better partner
  • Having a pool right down the street
  • air conditioning–ours was broken for waaay too long during this ridiculous heat wave
  • Family hugs–they’ve always been Sophie’s favorite thing and I love that Amelia is starting to love them too

Alright, got the first post back under my belt.  Here’s to moving forward




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