Bruised and battered

I’ve got both kids asleep at the same time and I should be prepping dinner, unloading the dishwasher, doing laundry, putting away the massive piles of clothes Amelia has outgrown, or writing the report I owe a client but instead I coming up to you asking for help once again.  I know, I’m very needy and high maintenance.

Here’s the problem: In the past 10 days my poor little baby has gotten a bloody nose and 3 bruises to the eye/eyebrow.  How you ask?  Her crib….the place she should be safe and sleep.  Let me start with a picture and explain.

First, let me comment that she did this one day after she turned 8 months old.  Unacceptable!  Would you look at that grin?  So damn proud of herself. Of course  I immediately lowered the mattress.  Except that now when she stands up, that horizontal bar is exactly at nose/eye level.  Which means that she bumps her nose or eyes constantly.  The other night she was standing up talking, I heard the bump and subsequent shriek and by the time I ran the 15 feet into her room she had rubbed blood ALL over her little face.  It was everywhere.  And let me tell you, there are few things more tragic looking than bright red blood dripping down the rails of a white crib.  It could have been the opening sequence to a horror movie. 

I’ve taken to amazon to try to find something to protect her but all of the covers are just meant to protect the CRIB from teething.  I need to protect the BABY from the crib.  Crazy right?  Anyone have any ideas?  At this point I’m thinking of just having something made so I know it’ll have nice thick padding. 

And while we’re on the subject of cribs attacking can I also add that I just had to remove the fancy breathable bumper that went around the crib because my crazy baby kept banging her head, arms, and legs all night long.  She seriously had bruises all over her last week.  She’d roll over in the night, I’d wake up to a loud ‘thump’, and then she’d be screaming.  After calming her down she’d freak when I’d go to put her back in there.  And can you blame her??  So now she has the thick, quilted, suffocation risk bumper up in there.  And no wake ups from head or leg bumps!  Notice I did not say no wake ups at all….teething is kicking all our asses but I’ll have to take what I can get

And please someone tell me that they had these problems too?  People look at me like I’m the worst mother ever when I tell them she got a bloody nose in her crib


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Decorating tips

Thanks for all our kind words on my last post.  It’s nice to know you all have got my back.

Now on to more pressing matters.  I need you all to help me avoid the title of worst mom ever.  You see, the baby is quickly approaching her first birthday.  (ummm…how the HELL did that happen?) and there is not one single thing on the walls of her room.  I’ve got a ton of stuff to put up but I need some wall mounted shelves.  And I don’t want to put up some things but not others.  When I do this room, it’s going to be DONE.  So tell me, as people who are smarter than me and have far more decorating sense than I do (I know you do, especially those of you who’ve posted pictures of your magazine-esque houses) where do I get wall mounted shelves that are nice but CHEAP?  Unfortunately, cheap is a must as the budget for this room just got considerable smaller.  And the new HVAC system we got just doesn’t look pretty in a nursery.

Thanks ladies!

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I know I said I was going to move forward but I wanted to get out why I disappeared for so long.

I became really hesitant to continue blogging after a what I thought to be a private conversation got put up on someone’s blog and I was NOT portrayed in a good light.  Not only were snippets of the conversation were taken out of context but she said things in the blog that she certainly did not say to my face.   The snippets did make for good sound bites, I’ll give her that.  And if I only had said those phrases then maybe about half of what she said about me could be true.  But not only was that not the whole story, it wasn’t her story.  Partly I think it was done because we were discussing a hot, controversial topic among new moms.  Her blogging it wasn’t even the worst part though…the comments.  Holy shit the comments.   Depending on my mood they made me laugh hysterically or cry hysterically. 

At times I felt ridiculous for even caring, as the whole thing really is straight out of junior high.  (yes, it was called junior high back in my day, there was no middle school).  But I decided it doesn’t matter how old you are, a betrayal still hurts.  Being attacked and gossiped about by people who don’t know you still hurts.  Reading something about yourself whether it be on a blog or on the locker room wall still hurts.  We’ve all still got a 13 year old in us somewhere.

Having seen the dark underbelly of the internet really made me question the medium.  I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging is a wonderful way to get support, make connections, find like minded people, and even learn a thing or two.  And all I can control is my actions.  And I’m going to make sure that I’m a better blogger.  I don’t mean blogging more often, although I hope to do that, but I guess blogging more mindfully.  There’s an awful lot of drivel out there and I want to make sure I’m not adding to it.  Doesn’t mean I still won’t vent about stupid people.  But I won’t compare them to child molesters or suggest that someone call protective services as he or she is unfit to parent.  I’ll just call them stupid..

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