A mini me

Ever have one of those moments where your voice and your words are coming out of the little person’s mouth?  We’ve had some good ones but yesterday morning takes the cake.

A was in her high chair barking at me because I wasn’t piling blueberries on her tray as fast as she can shove them in her pie hole (and yes, she barks when she wants something.  No idea why, we don’t have a dog but it is a legit bark) when S said in the most exasperated voice,  “I know A-me-a,  I know, it’s hard to be you, jus give her a minute”

I swear I’m not usually so cold sounding with my kids.  She does also call her little sister “babydoll” and “my Mia me” in a freakishly high pitched voice that, while very sweet, I sincerely hope does not sound like me.


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The hard questions

S is a very inquisitive little girl and has suddenly started asking those hard questions.

• How did A get in your belly? (This was followed with a “can we put her back?)

• How do babies get out of the bellies?

• Where did G’s grandma go? (asked after she died)

• Why is M brown?

Those are all I can think of right now (and per my last post, I’m writing this sitting in the car before work). I’m not prepared for this. I thought I had awhile before she started asking the tough questions. The one about her friend M was the only time I had a good answer because I knew it’d be coming soon. But the others..any tips on how to answer in a way she’ll understand?

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On days when I work at night the hubby will work from home so we don’t need to get a babysitter. On those days I tend to pad my travel time a little bit so I can just sit by myself in the car for a little bit. I clean out my purse, send some emails, blog a little. The key is that I am by myself! Today I’m feeling moderately guilty about it but not guilty enough to get home in time to help with dishes!

What’s your confession of the day?

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