WTF The inlaw edition

Hubby’s mom and step dad came down for the weekend and all I can say is wtf?

His step dad made a huge deal about how he is eating healthy and brought his own bread down to make toast each morning.  I kid you not, it was wonder bread.  WTF?

A is walking now and they would both stand across the room from her and say “here A, here A” while snapping their fingers.  WTF?  She’s not a cat…and the cat won’t come when you do that either.

We asked them to bring some bagels down since bagels from NY are better than bagels from anywhere else.  They brought 5 dozen.  WTF?

We’ve got a fairly small cooking space in the kitchen.  Pretty much fits two people and that’s with doing some dance moves to get out of each other’s way.  MIL always parks herself exactly where I need to be and doesn’t pick up on any cues to move.  WTF?

We were doing smash cake pictures of A and I said I didn’t want anyone else in the room because she gets shy and distracted.  Everyone left, except them.  WTF?

They use their as their primary camera and video camera.  It is ridiculous.  WTF?

They got here at 3 on Friday and left at 9 on Monday.  During that time they used 3 boxes of tissues.  Neither one of them was sick.  They do this every time they come down.  WTF?

They re-use the same glasses and utensils all day long, leaving them out of the counter for the next meal.  WTF?  Do you think I need more dirty dishes lying around?

This just a short list of all my wtf moments this weekend.  What are your ‘shaking your head’ wtf moments today?

November 8, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. HereWeGoAJen replied:

    A lot of these sound really familiar…particularly the calling like a cat.

  2. Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 replied:


  3. Bullets « A Little Sweetness replied:

    […] in-laws were here for 4 days.  I could do about 8 editions of WTF but the last one still pretty much covers […]

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