Being thankful-Day 16

Today I’m thankful for S’s school days.  She’s insanely happy to go every day and actually eats her breakfast and gets ready quickly so she doesn’t miss any play-doh time.  Love that the teachers have play-doh out each morning.  And boy do I love the time.  I love being able to give A some much-needed one on one attention.  And when she naps I really love being able to either work out, take a real shower (meaning one that is longer than 2.5 minutes), or get some work done.  I just never knew how quickly 3 hours could go by.

And today, on Wednesday’s, I let her stay for lunch.  She thinks it is fantastic to eat lunch with her friends and I had forgotten how nice it is to eat lunch without someone calling it ‘gross’, getting in and out of their chair 4,327 times, or the whole “I want a different spoon…no wait a mickey fork…no wait, actually a tinkerbell fork…oh I changed my mind, I weally wanted a spoon all awong”, and doing all of the other countless things a 3 year old does to avoid eating.  It’s such a peaceful meal

What are you thankful for today?


November 16, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. HereWeGoAJen replied:

    Oh, I love it when I get those meals. Sometimes I will even sneak one when Matt and Elizabeth eat in front of the television and I go off into the dining room.

  2. Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 replied:

    omg…as was reading this, i was so thankful that we had preschool today…time…time alone…time to do things! it’s amazing how much we cherish it, right?

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