My day

Let’s re-cap my day for a minute.

Took S outside to collect some pine cones before school.  See our neighbor and good friend out chasing the 9 month old greyhound puppy they rescued 3 days ago.  My sporadic treadmilling made me no match for a greyhound puppy.  Raced S to school.  Hubby was working from home so I thankfully didn’t have to get the baby up from her nap. 

Get home, wake up A, get the screaming baby into her car seat and take off for her drs appointment.  It was supposed to be an ear check follow up from her ear infection and she’d get her 12 month shots that she missed because of the ear infection.  Get about 3/4 of the way there, with baby screaming the whole time, and realize that I never got a reminder phone call.  Check my calendar and oops, I never got the reminder call because the appointment isn’t until Monday.  Head back home in ridiculous traffic. 

Next I go to the dentist for 2.5 hours of drilling and filling cavities.  You may remember my crush though.  So this was actually the best part of my day.  Plus, after he shot me up with No.vocaine, you have to wait 20 minutes to get good and numb.  I thought of grabbing a magazine or a phone but instead I closed my eyes.  Glorious. 

Leave the dentist, unable to feel half my face, and head to work.  Not a smart idea to schedule an observation of an intern and his supervision meeting after a dentist appointment.  I couldn’t talk and looked ridiculous.  You know when you’re all numb and you just keep touching your cheek.  Yeah, that was me. 

Come home.  Of course when hubs is left alone with the girls he ends up at a neighbors for a playdate.  Make dinner and he says he has to go get ready.  Forgot about poker night.  Get baby to bed no problem because she’s an absolute little angel.  Then deal with the devil child.  75 minutes later and she’s asleep.  It’s just wrong when the best parenting decision I make all evening is to walk away and pour a great BIG glass of wine instead of shaking or smacking some sense into her. 

And on that note, I’m going to finish my big glass of wine, spend some quality time with my DVR, and then go to bed early.  And probably lock the bedroom door so the drunk husband with ideas can’t get in and wake me up.  He leaves me with demon child alone for the night…he gets the guest room.


December 2, 2011. Uncategorized.

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