A rare glimpse

We were out running some errands this morning and S was so good and absolutely adorable.  Seriously, we were in Bed, B.ath Beyond, and she was pretending to cook things and just being awesome.  She was so awesome that against my better judgement I asked her if she wanted to go out to lunch at a restaurant.  This is the equivalent of someone randomly asking me if wanted a weekend at the spa.  I try to avoid eating out in public with the two of them because something inevitably goes wrong and I look like “that mom”.  You know the one, whispering threats to the preschooler with the baby on my hip, hair back in a messed up pony tail, leaving a trail of trash behind me.  But today, today a choir of angels sang and the both of them were perfect.  S and I had an actual conversation.  The baby didn’t eat much except apple slices but I can’t win all the battles.  Another woman actually complimented me on how good she was.  And after all that we still went to another store…and she was still good!

Now I’m not all “my kid is amazing” because the rest of the time she can be a real b*tch. And I hate people who think their kid walks on water and never recognizes that they are little people and we all have our moments.  (and why is it that for some reason those people always seem to have the worst behaved kids??)  But today gave me hope that she will actually grow up to be a civilized and others will enjoy her company.  I did today.


December 15, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. HereWeGoAJen replied:

    I love that you just took her out to a restaurant randomly. I think we might need to do that soon.

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