Getting back

I had gotten in a pretty good blogging groove, posting a few time a week.  And then January happened.  And January sucked.  On one hand, it was awesome because I took on 2 new clients and brought in more money in one month than I did all last year.  So that was awesome.  But I had few other things lined up for January and I had I known these 2 new clients would fall into my lap, I would have paced out my work better.  As it was, I maintained an impossible pace for the month.  So I’m going to update with some bullets and then hopefully keep it going.

  • One of my new clients is a typical DC scenario that is SO freaking cool but I can’t talk about it at all.  Obviously I always maintain confidentiality with all my clients  but I so wish I could talk about this kid just a little bit.  But nope, it’s one of those times were if I do my job well, no one will ever know I did my job. 
  • Hubs and I decided that I just couldn’t bring in enough money with a small caseload and while only doing nights and weekends.  So I bit the bullet and got a babysitter.  It was hard and stressful but I love her.  And most importantly, so do the girls.  S waits for her at the front door and then sprints out to meet her in the driveway.  And the baby happily jumps out of my arms into hers.  She’s me when I was in college and that is what I was looking for.  We interviewed a TON of sitters and I know I drove my husband crazy trying to find the perfect person but I’m so glad we did it. 
  • S has been having a bit of a hard time with me working more.  Which surprised me because I worked full time up until she was over 2 years old.  I guess she just got used to me being around all the time.  It’s not that she’s misbehaving for the sitter.  We’ll be reading books during quiet time and she’ll say “mommy, do you love me when you go to work”? And then my heart breaks into a million little pieces.  I almost wish she was just acting out or misbehaving.
  • I got to spend an amazing 3 day weekend visiting my bestest friend since high school and her new little baby.  She was finishing up her fertility treatment journey right as I was starting mine and in November she was matched and brought home the most beautiful little baby.  I don’t think I have ever been so happy for someone else

I know there’s a month’s worth of things I’ve been thinking about blogging but now I’m drawing a blank. 

Here’s to getting back on the blog wagon!


February 8, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. HereWeGoAJen replied:

    I wish I could hire myself when I was in college as a babysitter. That sounds perfect!

  2. A'Dell replied:

    Yay! That sounds so great. I am VERY CURIOUS about this client now. Having clients and a babysitter during the day is pretty much my dreaaaaaaaaaam right now.

    And now I think I’ve forgotten what you do, but I have a general idea. I think an email is in order!

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