Things to remember

I’m trying to make a habit of writing all of this down so you’re all stuck reading the obnoxious ramblings of an annoying mom.  Feel free to click away.

I love the few things S still says wrong.  She doesn’t mispronounce much now.  (Aside the jumpaline I wrote about last time).  But there are still a few and I love them.  She insisted on calling the dining room the ‘diamond’ room.  And I will never correct that because really, I would so love it if that room was filled with diamonds.  And so everytime she says it, especially out in public, I like to pretend that we have a room full of loose diamonds for me to play in.  The other is her chapstick.  She got a 3 pack in her stocking and I think it was her favorite present.  She always has to know where all 3 of her ‘chopsticks’ are.  This one gets confusing sometimes because she also likes to eat with chopsticks on occasion.  Yet anytime I try to correct her, she says she’s saying it like me.

The baby is at such an amazingly sweet age.  I love 15 months to 2 years.  Well, I love 2 year olds too but at this age it’s all sweet with very little of the tantrum and control issues.  And it’s really nice to not have tantrum and control issues.  Yes, I know they are coming, but I’m going to savor each day without them.  She and S are actually starting to play together and it makes me melt each and every time.  The other day A was sitting on top of S and kept leaning over and kissing her.  Poor S was covered in baby drool but the too of them were shrieking and giggling the entire time.  I know there are going to be years and years of them bickering ahead, so I’ve got to remember these sweet moments too. 

And in a good parenting moment to remember (just let me wipe the sarcastic drool off my chin) I want to remember, S had a pack of Strawberry Shortcake bandaids.  The other night she ‘needed’ one for the hangnail on her finger.  I caved because it is much easier to give her a bandaid then to deal with intense pain in her hand all night long.  The bandaid was whoever the yellow friend of Strawberry Shortcake is.  And S of course needed to know her name.  After her calling me back to her room 5 times asking who it was, I finally said Liz Lemon.  It is now her favorite bandaid and she tells everyone about the Liz Lemon bandaids that she loves.  People must think we’re insane.


February 14, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. HereWeGoAJen replied:

    I think I am going to start using diamond room.

  2. Jendeis replied:

    Was going to tell you it was Lem n’ Ada, but then realized that they are twins. Now I have to know this. It’s Lemon Meringue. Liz Lemon is better. 🙂

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