Decorating 101

I like to think my husband and I are fairly smart people.  Mensa certainly won’t ever be knocking down my door but we’re no dummies.  Yet for some reason, when I stopped working last year, we never even thought to change his deductions.  Add that into doubling our mortgage with the new house and we ended up with a whopper of a tax refund.  He went and changed his deductions right away and that amounted to a nice monthly pay raise. 

We’re being responsible with 80% of the refund and putting it into savings.  We have to, especially since my income varies from month to month and we pull from savings regularly.  If I’m being perfectly honest, we probably should have saved the whole refund.  I can here S.uze Or.mond’s annoying voice telling me that if I can’t pay cash for it, I can’t afford it.  But ya know what, my foyer has pink wall paper.  That pink wall paper runs all the way upstairs.  Our dining room was probably last painted back in 1978 when the house was built.  And we bought a king sized bed when we moved in, but never got a headboard or anything.  So we’re using that 20% to make some much needed house improvements. 

Now all of you poor readers are going to be stuck second guessing every decision with me. And trying to help me stretch every single dime out of that money so I can make it last and do as much as I can.  Because I really want to have a presentable house.  Doesn’t have to be crazy insanely decorated like everything I’m seeing on pinterest. (which as an aside I just joined and dear lord what a time suck).  I just want it to not look 30 + years old. 

Oh, and if someone wants to come here and teach me how to use my sewing machine that I bought for 20 bucks on amazon without reading any reviews (WHAT was I thinking??), that’d be awesome.  Because our windows are floor to ceiling, which lets in an amazing amount of light, but means that they are custom and curtains are crazy EXPENSIVE.  I figure curtains should be easy to make, right?  I need to stretch that money as far as I can!

Where do you get your decorating or painting inspirations?  What should I be looking at?


February 16, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. deborah replied:

    I think Suze Orman would also say you can never set a budget with 0% for frivolous purchases, or you won’t stick to it. I am a terrible decorator, so I have no advice. But I’ve gotten some curtains & lamps from relatively cheap.good luck with the decorating – I’m jealous!

  2. HereWeGoAJen replied:

    Curtains will be easy enough to sew because they are all straight lines. But get a friend to help because it is hard to sew that long of things with only two hands.

    I am still working on redecorating our house. I am craving new paint and new floors right now.

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