TV room

I warned you.  You’re all (all 5 of you) stuck looking at pictures of my house and you all better give me so ideas on what the heck to do with my house. 

This is the TV room.  It has been a bitch to figure out furniture and seating for this room.  It has an entry way/opening on each wall and it’s fairly narrow making seating and tables hard, if not impossible.  At some point we’re going to close off the wall connecting this room to the playroom (when it’s no longer a playroom).  Then we’ll get a comfy sectional and square table and the room will be all cozy and I can watch Tv and the fire and everyone can sit.  And yes, I love run on sentences. 

Until then though, I want to make the room presentable but not spend a ton of money on it.  This room is not on the list to paint since in a few years we’re going to redo it entirely.  Which means the wood paneling is here to stay. 

Here’s the TV wall.  The lamp in the corner is going, it doesn’t even work and it is purely due to inertia that it hasn’t gone out in the trash yet.  I got these for the corner to the right of the tv.  I’d love to be able to put some pictures or decorations on the tv stand but babyzilla will not stand for it.  Someday…


I want new curtains for the slider.  I’ve already got a new rod for it, just need to have it cut down to size.  The fireplace is to the right and the random floor lamp to the left.  I saw some fun chevron stripe fabric that I thought would look nice.  But is it too trendy right now?  If I am going to either spend alot of money buying these or a lot of time making them, I don’t want to hate them in 2 years.  Also, and this is probably a local problem, we have an insane amount of stink bugs.  They come in through the fire place and then head towards the light of the slider.  I always find them on the curtains and since it is a light fabric I can see them.  I’m afraid that I won’t see them on a patterned fabric and then the house will be over run with them and I”ll lose my mind.  Seriously, if you live in a stinkbug free area, consider yourself so lucky; they’re nasty. 

Help me with my mantle!!  It looked fantastic at christmas and that inspired me to try to make it look nice all the time.  It used to be a catch all for crap.  Now I’ve got a few things up there but it needs major work.  I’m not wed to anything and know that the monitor and handmade frame need to go.  But what should I put there instead?  I love when I see prints resting on a mantle but I”m afraid that with the low soffit, we wouldn’t have enough room.  Also, I need to do something about the brass of the fireplace hardware.  Only catch is that it is a custom piece that is fitted in.  Our home inspector told me to make sure we never broke the glass because it’d be crazy expensive to replace or fix.  I need to find a fire safe paint to get rid of the brass.  I hate brass

Here’s the little wall next to the fireplace.  And there’s doorway #3 leading into the playroom.  At some point this will most likely be walled off or the door moved to where the chair is now.  Here’s what I need from all of you: what on earth should I do with that dead space in the corner?  A plant or tree just screams doctors office.  Right now it is just a place where I hide crap.  I thought of putting a chest or something there to hold blankets or throws but I can’t find one the right size seeing as there is a heating vent on the floor.  And ideas great internet?

And just to give you an idea of the size of the room, here is the 4th wall.  Doorway leads into the foyer.  We desperately need seating but I just don’t know where to put it. 

If you’re still here and reading along then I love you and will buy you a virtual drink of your choice.  Better yet, come here and help me figure out this room and I’ll buy you a real drink!.  Here’s the last corner just in case you didn’t believe me about having an entryway on each wall.  Nothings going to change in this corner until A is potty trained 😉  Although the life sized S will come down soon.  I tried once but the tantrum that ensued was enough for me to get it out of the garage and put it back up.  Again, someday….

So there you have it.  Feel free to give as much advice as you’ve got, I need it!



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  1. HereWeGoAJen replied:

    Okay, my ideas. For decorating the tv stand with babyzilla safe items, check Etsy for wooden toys that are adult looking.

    For the dead space in the corner, you could try putting up a listing on Craigslist for a custom piece. With the economy the way it is, you might be able to get something made reasonably cheaply.

    I’d get the chevron print curtain fabric. It may be trendy, but if you like it now, you’ll probably like it in a couple of years.

  2. Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 replied:

    Your mantle needs something tall to anchor each side…like a hurricane candle holder or a vase filled with decorative (fake) grass…Pier One has good ones. It will give it some height, draw the eye away from the brass and you can always add some decorative things (you know those stupid balls that people use…those are kinda cool) to invite people to look at the mantle.

    Also, is there any way to paint the brass? I know they make spray paint in metallics (which wouldn’t work b/c you can’t dismantle the fireplace), but I wonder if you could ask the fine folks at Home Depot for a quart of silver paint or even black if you want it to blend in more.

    I have no idea for the seating, but what about a cabinet or storage thing in the corner?

    I LOVE doing this sort of thing…hope I was semi-helpful.

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