WTF-The mall edition

I had a chance to spend some QT with the baby this morning and couldn’t be in the house so we took off to the stereotypical stay at home locale, the mall.  Usually I’m there with both of the girls just to play at the indoor playground and am too crazed to notice anything else that is going on.  Today I got a chance to actually go in some stores and wow….WTF?

  • Why do children’s and baby stores pack their merchandise in so tightly that you can’t navigate a stroller through them?  I’m looking at you Baby G.ap.  I would have loved to checked out your sale racks, what with the extra 25% off, but you are a store dedicated to baby clothes yet I can’t fit my baby stroller in.  WTF?
  • Other stores do this but it bugs me less.  I still would have liked to check out P.ottery Barn but alas.  How are these stores comply with ADA?  WTF?
  • Why do all the mannequins have hard nips?  I don’t want to know what clothes look like with hard nips.  I try to keep mine covered and not poke someone’s eyes out.  WTF?
  • To the lady in Hallmark whose 10 year old son was verbally abusive him to her (Mom, this is so fucking boring, when the hell can we go to spencers?, why are you getting that bitch a card?), are you seriously going to yell in the worst stage whisper ever that you can’t concentrate because that baby over there is babbling?  I’ll take her “Hiiii-ya mama” and “bye-bye, bye-by-ee” over your kid dropping the f bomb continually.  WTF?
  • God I sound like an old lady.  To make matters even worse, they now have those little “What happened in the year….” booklets in the year I graduated high school!  That’s not history!  I am not historic!!  WTF?

February 22, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. battynurse replied:

    Totally with you on the nipple thing. Really? Is that how were all supposed to look because it’s just not that appealing to me. Also the 10 year makes me want to reach out and slap the mom and child both.

  2. HereWeGoAJen replied:

    I just shove my stroller through and obnoxiously hit the racks.

    And the mom with the ten year old, really?

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