WTF-another inlaw edition

I’ve got a friend who has a 48 hour rule when her mother visits.  I’m thinking of instituting that for the old IL’s

  • Friday night we brought in some Italian and pizza so there weren’t alot of dishes.  My MIL asked if the dishwasher was clean or dirty.  I said dirty and that the stuff in the sink should fit in.  I went upstairs to give the kids a bath and a few minutes later she’s up there to watch.  But I assume she’s delegated the dishes to someone else.  I then stay upstairs to make their bed and fold 3 loads of laundry (and to hide from them) but ask Hubby to finish up the kitchen.  Come downstairs in the morning to find the dishwasher open, dishes in it still dirty, dishes still in the sink, take out containers on the counter, bottle of wine left uncorked.  WTF?  None of them did a damn thing.  Hubs said he thought the dishes were clean and he’d do them in the morning.
  • My FIL goes on these ridiculous health kicks that aren’t really healthy but his new thing is bread.  Now I buy organic whole grain bread with no crap or fillers in it.  He insists on bringing his own bread because it is part of his diet.  He brought W.onder Bread Whole Wheat.  WTF?
  • He also brought his own apples because he needs to have a fuji each morning.  I have no words…
  • We decided to go out Saturday night and left the girls with them.  When we get home I get this judgemental speech from my MIL about how S’s underwear is too small and it is cutting off her circulation and do I want her to go to the store tomorrow and we can buy her some underwear that fits her.  I said her underwear fits fine; are you sure you put it on right?  Of course she knows how to put underwear on.  In the morning I check her and, you guessed it, one of the leg holes was around her waist.  W-T-F?!?  Glad I sat with a smile on my face for that lecture about what a horrible mother I am that I don’t even buy my kids new underwear.

I know there were some more but they’re gone now so I’m starting to decompress and no longer care.  And I spiked my afternoon coffee….


March 5, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Deborah replied:

    I think you know this already, but your WTF posts just crack me up!! J has been wearing the same size underwear since he’s been potty trained, and I’m guessing your daughter has too, or close to it. Cutting off circulation?!?

  2. HereWeGoAJen replied:

    My inlaws do the same health kicks that I think are awful for you. All fake cheese and fake meat and all that. I like real food.

  3. BigP's Heather replied:

    I really appreciate that I’m not the only one that doesn’t adore every moment with their inlaws.

    And why do they feel the need to follow and monitor us instead of doing something helpful?

  4. Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 replied:

    I loved the part about you hiding. I do that too.

    WTF about the underwear????

  5. A'Dell replied:

    HA HA HA. Your in-laws are THE BEST! I saw the bagel picture and I was like UH OH, IL’S MUST BE IN TOWN!

  6. jeninmich replied:

    My MIL won’t help with a DAMN thing. Not even take the preschooler to the bathroom when I am 9 months pregnant. Gee thanks. It’s like there are four damn adults in this house visiting, one old and fat and pregnant, and no one can clean up a few dishes but me? Oh, and she takes 3 hour naps when she is here.

    Thank God I don’t live in a culture where she has to live with us.

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