Reason # 42568 why I won’t win Mother of the Year

S is super into science all of a sudden and when I told her it was going to be really cold the next few days she asked if she could make water freeze outside.  Figuring that was an easy way to win Cool Mom status for the day I said yes and we happily stuck a small plastic cup of water on the back deck.

Fast forward 25 minutes and my little scientist asks if she can use another cup with food coloring.  Sure, what the heck.  Then it turns into multiple cups with food coloring and “mommy, don’t you think a real scientist would want to see if the red and blue makes purple water turns into ice faster than the yellow and blue make green water”?  I know I should be encouraging her interests and enriching her and all that crap and I’m sure that all over Pin.terest, moms better than me are doing all this and more.  But ya know what…the thermometer on the deck read 19 degrees while this was going on.  And that’s farking cold.

So I wrote this a few hours ago and didn’t get to publish it.  This turned into a really fun thing and now I feel badly about complaining.  They both loved sticking their fingers through the thin layers of ice and then watching it get thicker.  And that the food coloring separated.  Yeah, it was cold but they were fired up enough to make it exciting.  Lesson learned…


January 22, 2013. Uncategorized.

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