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April 2, 2008. belly pics, fun stuff, p-word, vacations. Enter your password to view comments..

ta da…the pic **belly pic in post**

Let me start by saying that I was SO opposed to belly pics until about 4 days ago. Funny how your perspective changes. However, recognizing that they sometimes suck to look at, I will always include a little warning in the title of the post.

Thanks for all the supportive comments, you ladies are so good for my self esteem! So here it is….this was 12w4d. And, you can be honest, I know it is a bit big for 12 weeks. And I apologize for the quality of the picture and being headless…it wasn’t a good hair or anything day. Also don’t look at the black sports bra/wife beater combo…I generally chose comfort over fashion.

We’re heading up to NY this weekend to see the nieces. Fingers crossed that it all goes better than our last trip up there in January.

March 7, 2008. belly pics. 22 comments.