Over the first hurdle

Beta was 425 for a doubling time of 45.52 hrs. Today is 16 dpiui. I do not know who I became this afternoon but I really don’t like her. Even though I know full well they don’t start making calls until 1:30 to 2-ish, I still started checking my voicemail around 11:30. And I didn’t get ANY work done because I kept checking every 3-5 minutes.

So for now, I’m sitting back and am going to enjoy this moment. For now, there’s something growing in there. If Wednesday also has a good number, I’ll have to come up with a new name for this little embie. For now, we’ve been calling it the “Maybe Baby” but I don’t think that inspires much confidence.

On to other things, I forgot to post earlier today about the great time I had out with the DC ladies. Sorry I didn’t get to spend more time with all of you. Who knew there was a Cosi on both sides of Dupont Circle??? Certainly not me! But LJ and I had a great little chat by ourselves before running across the circle to meet everyone else! Next time I promise to pay closer attention to directions.

Thank you all again for the good wishes and support. Seeing you guys in my inbox all day long was fantastic….got me through the day


January 7, 2008. betas, p-word. 23 comments.