Barren Bitches Book Brigade-updated

As promised, here’s that last question

First off, the business:

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5. At the very close of the book, having discovered her balanced translocation, Elinor likens herself to a screwed up silverware drawer. “Yet there’s solace in discovering something is tangibly wrong. A diagnosis rather than you’re old” Have you ever felt like this? Do you have a diagnosis for your fertility problems? Was it a relief? If your problem is unidentified, or age is against you, do you wish that you did have a reason?

I’ve been upset more than once with our ‘unexplained’ diagnosis. In fact, I’ve raged, cried, and screamed about it and have spent more time on G.oogle than any one person should. I want there to be a problem I can fix (and yes, I realize that is a little greedy since many problems can’t be fixed). At a minimum, I want a better starting point than what we’ve got right now. I think we (and I mean the collective we, all of us) all deserve a better starting point. So yes, I would probably feel some solace if we ever get a diagnosis. That’s not to say I won’t get upset about that diagnosis too, but I’m pretty sure I will breathe a great big sigh of relief to get a diagnosis and a better game plan.

6. I feel like the author was trying to show all sides of these complicated relationships, wanting you to sympathize with Elinor, Ted, Gina and Toby. Did you find yourself able to sympathize, or at least not dislike, all of these characters?

I was very conflicted about my thoughts on all of the characters. Surprisingly, I had the hardest time with my relationship with Elinor. I thought I would immediately sympathize with her. Instead, after reading her thoughts and nodding my head in agreement, I read Ted’s point of view, and agreed with him too. It was like looking at myself from a distance and not always liking what I saw. And then Gina. I was dead set on hating her and did until Toby came into the picture. I’ll admit, I still don’t have too much sympathy for anyone who knowingly sleeps with a married man but I did feel bad for her. She tried so hard with Toby. Same with Ted. I really didn’t want to like him and I know that there is no excuse for cheating but again, I did feel for him. Just makes you realize how complicated everything is.

7. Elinor’s thought on page 47 really struck me: “When Elinor was paying attention to her career, she should have been paying attention to her biological clock. When she was paying attention to her biological clock, she should have been paying attention to her husband.” It made me wonder: Am I paying attention now to the things I should be paying attention to now? Are you?
I read that line over and over too. It really hit home with me. I think about this ALL the time. I’m constantly worried that I’m missing something else because I’m so pre-occupied with all this IF crap. My brother is getting married in a few months and I’m so afraid that I’m not being there for him like he was for me (he was my Man of Honor…that’s how awesome a bro he is!!). And then on the way home from work today, a song on my ip.od, “Live in the Now” came on…I know that is something I need to start doing more of, just still working on how


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