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And the award for being smarter than my dr goes to…..(drumroll please)….Leah!!!! The answer to my sitting in traffic woes is that I probably have an irritable uterus. The lovely Leah guessed it right 6 weeks ago! He said he wasn’t worried since it’s pretty much just isolated to when I’m sitting in traffic and that when we sit, the uterus tilts forward a little bit. Gave me the whole try to shift positions and rest talk. So Monday morning when the traffic reports say someone is taking a nap in her car, laying on her left side, in the middle of the Am.erican L.egion bridge, all you local ladies can think of me! If it continues or gets worse later in the pregnancy we’ll talk about putting me on a modified work schedule. With no traffic I can be at work in 20 minutes, during rush hour it’s at least double that (on a good day). Also said the cervix wasn’t an issue. Apparently the tech did 3 measurements and the other 2 were all over 3, he thinks that one was just a funny angle or something. All in all I was told I was a model patient. He said the words I think every woman should hear from a medical professional, “Your weight gain is just perfect”. LOVE it. Gained 4 pounds last month and am up 10 so far for the pregnancy. The basketball that is currently shoved underneath my rib cage really seems to be more than that though.

So I’m going to try to relax and enjoy the next few weeks. I’m at a point where I feel pretty good and can feel Q moving all day long. I know the uncomfortable times are approaching so I figure I should take advantage of feeling fairly good. Might venture to B.uy B.uy B.aby this weekend to start looking at things, we’ll see. It still feels like tempting fate but I know it needs to be done. They say cribs and furniture can sometimes take over 12 weeks to arrive and I have no idea what I like or want yet. During my insomnia last night (been up since 2:30 this morning) I read Consu.mer Reports Baby Products and B.aby B.argains so I’ve got some starting point. All I really know is I don’t want anything over the top and I’d like to be somewhat minimalistic about this…babies don’t really need that much, especially in the beginning.

On a fun note I got a bonus yesterday! Most of it went to the massive credit card bill from our March vacation but I did splurge and get my hair cut and highlights at the good place last night. It’s a mini spa and they walk around with chocolates, cheese, bottles of water. Mr H always laughs saying I pay over 200 for a bottle of water but since I only do it about once a year, I think it’s fine. This way it’ll look good next weekend for the wedding. We’re going to an engagement party this weekend and since I’ll look fancy, maybe I’ll be brave and post a pic or two.

Hope everyone has a good weekend….and while you’re here, go click over to Morissa and send her some good vibes while she waits for her beta


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