Traffic distractions

First and foremost, everyone go send some love over to Leah, who is now on bedrest. Not only is she on bedrest, but she also has a curious little preschooler who doesn’t quite understand the concept.

Now I had all these fantastic posts floating around in my head that went completely out the window when I saw a lovely cop helping a broken down cab. He happened to look just like this fine young man. Since my 35 minute commute was at over an hour and I was sitting at a traffic light, I welcomed the distraction. His hair blew in the spring breeze. Apparently the light changed as he started to push the car out of traffic and I wiped drool from my chin as the folks behind me honked. Since I do love my husband, I’m going to blame this on hormones…but damn!

So that was my evening. Came home to leftovers and a night with the DVR…how disappointing


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is it bad that…

– is it bad that the workout playlists on my i.pod have really become “driving home from work on a nice day with the window down” playlists?

-and, is it bad that the other day I downloaded several N.ew Kids on the B.lock songs in anticipation of the best reunion tour of 08??

Just wondering

Thanks for the dyson’s recs. You ladies know how to respond when something is truly important 😉 So far, Mr H still says we can get one tomorrow. Never been so excited to vacuum in my life. I really wanted it today since I’m having people over later and now they will see just how horrible my carpet is. I hope they all love me anyway.

This is shaping up to be a great weekend. This morning, I’m going with my almost sis in law to her dress fitting. This is the one with the veil, shoes, whole 9 yards. Pretty sure I’m going to cry. Then it’s time to make some cheesy crab dip in preparation for the jewelry party we’re having later that night. (think tupperware party but just with fun jewelry). Then girls night in while the guys are all out at my brother’s bachelor party.

And then Sunday….Sunday is another meeting of the TOOTPU (The Order of the Plastic Uterus). We’ll be grilling out at LJ’s house. I’ll be baking something yummy that morning and then get to spend the afternoon hanging out with some of the most fantastic women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Then back home, to cook my mom’s birthday dinner. To be quickly followed by collapsing into bed exhausted.

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Iced coffee is good


I snuck out of work to head down the street to Gi.ant (local grocery store) to grab some lunch. Turns out they’re closed for a labor vote! So instead of a nice healthy salad, I walk 2 storefronts down to the Fourbucks for a delicious iced white mocha and an egg sandwich. The first iced coffee of spring is just SO good!

I know, haven’t blogged in forever. Promise to give you all some updates from our Vegas adventure soon. Coming back from vacay is always so much work!

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new day

Thanks for the support yesterday. I think sometimes I minimize things (like saying its just IUI) as a way to protect myself. But you’re all right. I do need to recognize that what we’re doing is a big deal and allow myself to feel everything I’m feeling.

Two quick things. First, last cycle I didn’t have any side effects until day 3. Not anymore! Took my first pill at 8:30 last night and by midnight I was having night sweats. Totally sucks. I can handle the hot flashes (in fact its so cold at work I kind of want one) but those night flashes are going to be the death of me. I’m a bad sleeper lately anyway and waking up 3-4 times in a pool of sweat does not help matters. Ok, second thing. In the shower this morning I found stretch marks on my boobs! Which means I was not imagining those symptoms last cycle. But it still sucks…to get stretch marks when I can’t even get pregnant.

Going to to go the C.arbonleaf concert tonight (might need a powernap when I get home first). There’s a song on their most recent album, “Love, Loss, Hope, Repeat” that just sums up all this cycling crap. I hope they play it.

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Why did I decide to POAS yesterday afternoon? Yes, I told myself that it was to make sure the trigger was completely out of my system like the Jen’s (he he, just like the Bob’s…great movie) suggested. But really it is because I enjoy torture. I should consider becoming a spy when all this is said and done because no one will ever be able to get anything out of me. I torture myself all the time…for fun even!! Anywho, naturally Friday’s pee stick was white as a ghost. But you see, I rationalized it because I tested in the afternoon and drank a ton of water that day. So this morning, what did a half asleep Meghan have to do??? You guessed it! Pee on yet another stick. And ya know what….the trigger is still out of my system! Now this is where I get good at the self-torture. I’m now telling myself that because I got up to pee in the middle of the night (around 2) that the test I took at 7:30 must not be valid….so tomorrow morning I’ll be at it again! Today is 10dpiui. Yes, I know its still early but still within the realm of possibilities.

Enough of that depressing crap. Let me tell you about my otherwise fantastic Friday night. My MIL always just writes us a check for the holidays and ever year we do something practical with it. And this year we were planning on doing the same. She’s overly generous with her gifts so it would almost cover all of my meds for this next IUI (if necessary). Instead, the fantastic Mr H tells me that his mom wanted to make sure we did something fun so instead she got us tickets to go see Av.enue Q. I’m pretty gullible and easily get excited for a night out. We go out to a fantastic to a place with a great pre-theater menu (I was so pleasantly surprised by this restaurant) and then walk over to the show. The whole time Mr H is telling me that his mom did a bad job with the seats, they suck, on and on. We get there, he walks right past all the ushers and brings me to front row center…right behind the conductor. I was so surprised! He did it all (and I should have know that his mom is not computer savvy enough to buy tickets for anything online). He actually got lucky and when he was buying the tickets last week he told the guy he was trying to plan a nice date for his wife b/c she’d been down lately and the guy at the box office upgraded him! See, it can pay to be miserable and depressed 😉 It was a fantastic show. One where you definitely want to be up close to see all of their facial expressions. I need to download one of the first songs, It Sucks to be Me. I see it becoming a key staple in my pity party rotation.

Today started out fun. Met my almost sister in law in Clarendon for a meeting with the florist. I just love her (my almost sister, not the florist, who was nice) and can not wait for her to officially be my sister. I am so lucky my brother picked someone I actually like. After that I had to rush home to change. I had meetings with 2 families today. Sucked to work 5 hours on a Saturday but that money should totally cover Christmas shopping this year.

And tomorrow is the cookie exchange with the DC Stirrup Queens. And that means I must get myself in the kitchen!!

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Back to work

I would really be fantastic as a stay at home wifey. Coming back to work today just sucked.

But Sunday! Sunday we made over 100 bucks returning nasty wedding presents. Yes, I know we’ve been married for 2 1/2 years but we just finally decided to get all of the crap out of the basement closet. I know if we had done it closer to the wedding we probably would have gotten some more, but at this point, I’ll take the 100 bucks! I am a little sad to say that we no longer have por.nographic candlesticks….they were pretty freakin awesome! But the gift card to Bloomies makes me happier. We’ve got even more stuff on Craigslist so hopefully we’ll the present-buying fund will get another little bonus. Had a quiet night with Mr H. Made some turkey chili with leftovers that was great and watched Si.cko. I am now petrified that my insurance is going to find some way to deny the rest of our treatments. It was not a movie I should have watched right now.

And on the symptom front….5dpiui and nada. Cramps I had earlier are gone and I’m just left with crazy sore boobs. Seriously, my bra barely fits right now and I have a big bruise from the stupid wire digging in. It sucks, mostly because it is just the Pr.ometrium talking. Trying to talk myself out of testing to see if the trigger is out of my system. I really don’t want to make myself crazy testing early but I know it’s inevitable. Apparently I enjoy torturing myself.

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3dpiui and hungover

So I know it’s really way to early to have any symptoms and anything that isn’t made up in my head is probably from the Pr.ometrium but I don’t care. Having tons of cramping on my left side. Pains on the right, that 13mm that was too small to trigger is probably going to end up being a cyst. And since it’s been about 6 months since I’ve had a painful cyst, I guess I’m due. Oh, and my boobs are sore but I know that’s the meds talking. Given the not so great timing and Mr H’s not so great count, I’m not getting my hopes up. (ha…please remind me I said this in about 7 days)

We had a great weekend up in Philly. Jenna commented on my last post and said she hoped my happiness hangover lasted. What a great description! And it certainly did!!! My brother and his fiance decided to come up with us too so we had a fun road trip Friday morning. It was so great to see our friends. They moved in August and we hadn’t seen them both since their wedding. I had never been to Philly before. They live in the cutest neighborhood, I just loved it. We had a great afternoon walking around and a fantastic dinner Friday night. The best part was that kids/pregnancy never even registered on the conversation. Partially because they are all part of our IC (inner circle) and know about our IF but also because no one else is in that spot. So for once, I didn’t feel inadequate. And since they know about the IF, they didn’t raise any eyebrows when I nursed a glass of wine over dinner and didn’t drink at any of the bars we went to (as an aside, when will VA go smoke-free???? it is just so nice). Played a little photo hunt for far too long and then called it a night.

Today we walked around the city some more, got ourselves a cheesesteak for lunch, and headed home. This is seriously the best type of hangover ever!

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Uggg….the eating orgy started at 9:15 in the morning and pretty much lasted until 9 pm. I don’t even think I can move. The apple butter pancakes where unbelievable. I highly recommend putting a spoonful or two of apple or pumpkin butter into your pancake batter next time you make them. So easy and it way impressed the fam.

I posted awhile back about my apple infused vodka. Wow!! So good. And I must give a shout out to LJ and her fantastic bartender of a husband for this recipe. My whole family got a bit silly a bit too early in the afternoon because of it.

We had a great dinner and than played a rousing game of Cra.nium. Tonight was exactly what I needed. I laughed more than I have in weeks (maybe months) and for the first time in a looooonnnnggg time, my tears weren’t sad. And tomorrow morning we’re heading up to Philly to see some friends we haven’t seen in forever. It should be a fun weekend.

Hope you all had just as wonderful a day.

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Hurry up and wait

Not only is that what I’ll be doing for the next 2 weeks, it was also the theme of the day. We didn’t get taken into our 10:30 appointment until about 11:20. Mr H’s post wash was 10 mil, not great but certainly not horrible. Procedure itself went fine. I was a little nervous since my dr had said it would feel similar to the HSG…and I thought that was horrible. He had a little trouble getting my cervix into position but once he did it was over in seconds. And now I like to think of it as some crazy reality show going on in my tubes. I named it Egg-lette as my one little egg looks for the perfect spermie. I was thinking something along the lines of Rock of Love, but if this works, I really don’t want to associate my future child with B.rett Michael or any of those skanky, skanky ladies.

I get to start my Pr.ometrium tomorrow (happy thanksgiving to me) and my beta in scheduled for Dec 6. After the chemical last month I’m not sure if I’ll test early or not. Regardless I’ll test on the morning of the beta, I need some advance notice of impending bad news.

Hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving. We’re going to my parents first thing in the morning and are in charge of breakfast. I’m making apple butter pancakes and Mr H has various meats he’s very excited about. And from there…we’ll pretty much just eat all day. And of course we have the apple vodka! My brother also made a cinnamon infused bourbon….sure to be a fun afternoon.

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