A whole new world

No, I haven’t started quoting D.isney movies I just have pants that fit!!!! (insert chorus of Hallelujahs here). It really is amazing how much more comfortable I am AND that I actually look better. Getting dressed this morning wasn’t as painful as it usually is.

Not that I have given up the whole weight loss thing I was working on last month. My goal was 5 pounds by Oct and I came in at 6 pounds lost!! I’m pretty excited about it overall. Was a little disappointed Sunday morning since I was down those 6 pounds last week. I didn’t lose anything this week. I didn’t make it to the gym once and had to work late each night. Guess I should be glad I didn’t gain anything back.

Now that the healthy eating has become more of a habit, figure I might as well keep going with it. And I’ll still be sneaking in those trips to the gym whenever I can. My goal for November 1 is to either be down 5 more pounds…or be pregnant!


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You read it right-30. Earlier in the week I wrote about the 20 pounds I have gained since getting married. I guessed it was about 20. Well at my annual today I had to get on the scale and since they let me weigh myself, I stopped when I hit the 30 lb mark.

At least my dr’s appt went better than I thought. She must have been having a bad day when we met with her to go over our initial testing. She asked how everything was going, seemed genuinely excited when I told her our RE thought IUI would work, and talked more about her own infertility. So I feel a little bad for bashing her, but not too bad, since how she did treat us pretty crappy.

Off to have that grilled chicken and veggies I should have had yesterday!

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finding the balance

This has always been my biggest struggle. Whether it was the work/party balance in college, the real job/social life balance, the income/having everything I want balance, the managing IF/letting it take over my life balance, and then yesterday the calories in/calories out balance.

In putting my IF obsession (or lack of balance on hold), I’ve moved onto another balancing act. In a perfect world weight loss would be easy. Hell, if we’re going for a perfect world I’d have a toddler and be pregnant with #2 right now. And we’d have a nice single family home with a kitchen that has been remodeled at least once since 1978.

But I digress. The weight balance. I know how an actual balance works and I know that if I want to drop my added poundage, I need to tip that scale. So I go to the gym again yesterday (yeah me) and I plan on finishing the left over grilled chicken with some veggies for dinner. Perfect right??

Instead…a good friend of ours texts Mr H and says he’s on a flight to DC for a conference. Do we want to meet for dinner. We’ve got our other friend from Philly still staying with us so we say great, how fun to have all these people together that we never get to see. We end up at Pizza P.aradiso in Georgetown. For some reason I think that is a healthy choice since it is fancy pizza and expensive beer. Umm….NO. Pizza and beer is pizza and beer. Doesn’t matter what you call it or how much it costs. So I basically flushed yesterday’s workout down the toilet. Gotta work on those balancing skills.

As an aside for the DC ladies, we should definitely think about the Pizza P.aradiso basement for a get together. I love it down there. It’s cozy with a wood fire place. And they have some delicious root beers for those of us that are currently abstaining.

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1 day in

I actually managed to make it to the gym for a half hour (I know that’s not enough) after a particularly hellacious day at work so I’m pretty proud of myself. And the bag is packed for tomorrow!

We have a friend staying with us tonight that we haven’t seen since July so I’m pretty excited. Plus, he’s our really handy friend and has ‘helped’ Mr H. get 3 things crossed off this to-do list. Thank goodness…it’s starting to get dark earlier and we haven’t had a hall light in about 5 months!!

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the September project

It’s so nice to know I’m not the only one whose put on a few (ok, more than a few…double digits…) pounds since this all started. And that I’m not the only one who enjoys a nice relaxing beverage at the end of the day.

After much reflection (and how better to reflect than with a nice glass of red zin) I’ve decided to keep the wine but cut the Ben and Jerrys down to when I get my period. All rules are off then anyway.

And I will be throwing myself head first into the gym thing. Since I want to be less psycho about getting pregnant this month, I’ll need something else to obsess over. Might as well be getting healthy. For those of you that don’t know me, I tend to have a very obsessive, addictive personality (another reason I never went the drug route, I’d never be able to stop). I’m going to try to put all that obsession to good use.

So I’ve got the gym bag packed for tomorrow, my healthy breakfast of fruit all chopped up and ready. Here’s to my favorite jeans fitting by the end of the month…and my wedding band but I’m more upset about the jeans. hmmm…does that make me a bad wife??? Good thing my husband doesn’t read this 😉

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Why I’m not a drug addict…among other things

I do NOT like needles!! And I suppose there are other reasons too, but right now the anti-needle thing is ranking pretty high.

We had our injections class yesterday. I thought I’d feel so much better about shooting up after it but no, that needle looks quiet sharp and pointy. It didn’t help that the nurse leading the class was pregnant. Now I know she’s still allowed to work and everything, but couldn’t she take a behind the scenes job or something like that?!?!

Also our nurse ordered all my meds for next month. I think I need to do a little research on the pharmacies and everything. We’re paying out of pocket for all the injectibles and from what I’ve read, some places are cheaper than others.

Had a busy, short week. Actually made it to the gym twice so I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m going to try to use this month off to focus all my getting pregnant energy into getting healthy. I’ve gained 20 pounds since I got on this ride and am so disgusted with myself. I’ve got a friend who puts on her wedding dress every 6 months to make sure it still fits. And while I agree that is pretty damn neurotic and probably a sign of some body image disorder or something (this same friend has a pair of jeans from high school that she also puts on every 6 months), I know there is no way I could get mine over my new found ass and the 2007 edition of my hips. And forget about something from high school, I was a full 50 pounds lighter then….although those were my maniac cross country running days and I looked like a boy…but still. I’d be happy if I could drop 5 pounds before the IUI. And then I wouldn’t need to go out an buy new pants either.

I think the biggest culprit is my nightly glass(es) of wine. But they really save my mental health, which leaves me with a bit of a decision. Mental health vs. physical health. Sanity vs. fitting into my pants. hmmm…..I’m afraid this makes me sound like I have some sort of a problem. Which I don’t…I swear (this also makes it sound like I have a problem). But really, I greatly decrease my wine to maybe once a week during the 2ww…just happens I go on a 3-4 week long binge leading up to it!

Time to get off my ass and get it to the gym. Maybe if I had a fancy gym like Cece wrote about the other day it’d be easier to get myself there…but knowing me probably not.

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