small favors

to try to change yesterday’s mood,

3 things I’m thankful for:

1) having a great boss that lets me work from home sometimes. I woke up feeling like I’m coming down with a cold (the perils of working in a school) and I really want to try to stay nice and healthy for this IUI. So I’ve worked from home today, got more done than I ever would have at work, and managed to take a nice little nap with my kitty snuggling me. It is amazing what a mental health day can do. I feel like a new woman! (well, a new woman with PMS and a snotty nose but a new woman nonetheless)

2) my HSG in August seems to have cured my spotting problem!!! I used to start spotting at 3-5 DPO and would straight up until my period came. I hated it, it was horrible to know 3 days into my 2ww that the cycle was a bust and then have to wait it out anyway. Now last month I had one little day of spotting at 7 dpo (isn’t that a tease) and this month…nothing! I’m either 11 or 12 dpo and haven’t had to wear a pantiliner yet! Now of course, that evil little bitch Hope did sneak in this morning and I’ll admit to breaking open my HPT stash to POAS this morning to no avail but I’m Ok with it. Just glad one problem got solved. Guess I just needed a good power washing 😉

3) We met with our kitchen guy this morning to finalize everything and write him a nasty big check and as he was leaving he offered to do one of the things we had decided was too expensive and cut from the contract. He said if the rest of the project goes according to schedule and he has the time, he’ll knock down 1/2 the wall between our kitchen and dining room to make a breakfast bar. He says he just likes doing that stuff and he thinks it’ll look really nice. So here’s hoping that everything else goes nice and speedy!

Off to see what else can get done today!!


October 4, 2007. everyday stuff, HSG. 5 comments.

All Clear!!

Got the all clear at my HSG this morning! Once I got over the cramping/burning, I was very excited. Now I’ve just got to wait until next Friday for our followup appointment with the RE.

The drive up to NY was uneventful. I, of course, got nervous going over all the bridges, and Mr. H of course made fun of me!

August 3, 2007. HSG. 2 comments.

Off to HSG…

Much less nervous this morning.

I’ll update with the results later this afternoon, whenever we get to NY.

Thanks for all the good wishes everyone!!

August 3, 2007. HSG. Leave a comment.

Bye bye bitter self

So my bitterness from this morning is gone (well mostly). I was able to make all of my appointments. I have my HSG Friday morning at 9 and then my follow up with the RE Aug 10th. From there we come up with a plan!! From what we talked about at our last appt I’m guessing it will involve IUI, just not sure which types of meds.

I’m still working on formatting the blog. I added our timeline and some of the other blogs I like to read. I still haven’t gotten to add them all, that takes awhile! So please don’t feel bad if you aren’t on there yet!

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