Kind of a blah day.
Came home from work early hoping to catch up on some sleep to kick this cold. As ridiculous as it sounds given what I’m doing to get pregnant, I actually am very anti-medication. I hardly ever take anything (well, again, aside from all these IF meds). Last night I caved and took some nose spray so I could breathe. Still ended up waking up around 4 all congested. So while the cl.omid side effects are gone, I still can’t freaking sleep.

Had a really hard time with my f.ollistim injection last night. It was almost as if the needle was dull, I couldn’t get it to pierce the skin and then when I did, it really hurt. As long as it all got in there and works though I’ll be ok. I really hope I’ve still got 4 growing at a decent size when I go in tomorrow. Although I don’t know how you ivf ladies do it, my right side already feels uncomfortable, like someone is pinching me on the inside.

Wish I had something more exciting to post about, but everything is just blah here.


December 19, 2007. injections, iui #2, sick. 9 comments.

CD 1

This is probably a waaayyy TMI post, even for those of us who share details 😉

AF arrived in the middle of the night. It was a lovely moment when I realized that at that particular moment in time, my ears were the only orifice that was not oozing bodily fluids. Lovely image, I know.

I managed to sleep for about 4 hours last night, so I’m just lounging away in bed. Trying to do some work but it’s just not happening. I have kept down the 5 saltines I had for brekkie around 9. So I’m counting that as a success.

I am SO glad AF didn’t show up until today. I just looked at the calendar and if she had shown up yesterday, I would have been shooting up first at concert on Thursday and then at N.obu on Saturday for my friend’s 30th birthday party (which I am SOOO excited for). While I’m fairly certain that it would not be the first time the bathroom at the 9:30 C.lub saw a syringe (local ladies can probably back me up with that) but I still wasn’t feeling it. Seems like I’d just be begging for some sort of infection…or someone wanting me to share and not believing me when I repeatedly tell them, “it’s not what you think”. I would have been alright up in NY, just seems kinda rock star to do it there….plus I can’t help but think that their bathroom would be cleaner. But now I don’t have to worry about that….and I’m so glad!

Uggmeds just arrived and are not helping the nausea. Going to take a nap instead of dealing with them, keep your fingers crossed that those crackers stay down!

December 10, 2007. injections, iui #2, sick. 10 comments.

Did it!

First injection done!

Whew! I managed not to psych myself out too much. Had a little bit of a problem drawing it out of the vial and lost a little (is it bad that I wanted to lick it off my counters???) Injection itself didn’t hurt at all, but I totally get why so many of you call it Folli-sting.

Thanks for all of your pep talks and advice. I iced myself all up and also put the needle in the fridge.

Off to watch good tv (and maybe have some ice cream too….I earned it, right??)

November 16, 2007. injections, IUI #1. 10 comments.