Another milestone

Happy Monday!
Today marks CD 58. Unless AF shows up in the next few hours this is officially my longest cycle ever. I think that deserves some recognition so I’ll be having a pity party for myself tonight complete with comfort food (either mac and cheese or chinese, still deciding), copious amounts of red wine, and my DVR. I can not wait!

Hopefully the end is in sight. I’m still spotting and have those double over in pain cramps. My pre-authorization for this IUI ends on the 31st though. And in August when it got approved that seemed like light years away. I just remembered this morning so hopefully our financial person can get it re-upped before CD 3 rolls around (see me all being hopeful and optimistic).


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It’s about time

CD 55 and I’ve finally started spotting. I guess that means the drs office was right last week. Today marks the first time I have come out of a bathroom cheering because I was spotting! (and probably also marks the last). I usually have anywhere from 5-7 days of spotting before AF shows but at least I know things are moving in the right direction.

This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time either. We drove up to NY to see our new niece yesterday. I spent some quality time with her and told her she needed to be my good luck charm. So far she’s doing her job. We took our other niece out for some quality time with Aunt Meghan and Uncle Adam for lunch. She’s got to be the most adorable 2 year old. And boy can that kid scarf down the pizza, she’s definitely part of my husband’s family!! I’ve been holding up surprisingly well. Yes, I do want a family, but I don’t want their family…if that makes any sense. And now that Spot has shown up, I know I’ll make it through the next few days just fine.

We’re driving back to DC Saturday night to watch my brother and his fiance run the Marine Corps Marathon Sunday. Think good thoughts for them, no rain and not too hot!

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Meds arrived this morning

and it’s put me in a really weird place. I’ve gone back and forth between being sad, scared, nervous, excited, anxious, impatient. Seriously, you pick the emotion and I’ve felt in the last 9 hours. Poor Mr H, he doesn’t know what to make of me.

Looking forward to seeing the DC ladies tomorrow! I promise to be in a better mood by then

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IUI prep complete

Earlier in the week I ordered my meds, did my blood work, got the dreaded pap but my prep was not done until today. I went to the dollar store and stocked up on tests! Now I’m ready for October!!

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Why I’m not a drug addict…among other things

I do NOT like needles!! And I suppose there are other reasons too, but right now the anti-needle thing is ranking pretty high.

We had our injections class yesterday. I thought I’d feel so much better about shooting up after it but no, that needle looks quiet sharp and pointy. It didn’t help that the nurse leading the class was pregnant. Now I know she’s still allowed to work and everything, but couldn’t she take a behind the scenes job or something like that?!?!

Also our nurse ordered all my meds for next month. I think I need to do a little research on the pharmacies and everything. We’re paying out of pocket for all the injectibles and from what I’ve read, some places are cheaper than others.

Had a busy, short week. Actually made it to the gym twice so I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m going to try to use this month off to focus all my getting pregnant energy into getting healthy. I’ve gained 20 pounds since I got on this ride and am so disgusted with myself. I’ve got a friend who puts on her wedding dress every 6 months to make sure it still fits. And while I agree that is pretty damn neurotic and probably a sign of some body image disorder or something (this same friend has a pair of jeans from high school that she also puts on every 6 months), I know there is no way I could get mine over my new found ass and the 2007 edition of my hips. And forget about something from high school, I was a full 50 pounds lighter then….although those were my maniac cross country running days and I looked like a boy…but still. I’d be happy if I could drop 5 pounds before the IUI. And then I wouldn’t need to go out an buy new pants either.

I think the biggest culprit is my nightly glass(es) of wine. But they really save my mental health, which leaves me with a bit of a decision. Mental health vs. physical health. Sanity vs. fitting into my pants. hmmm…..I’m afraid this makes me sound like I have some sort of a problem. Which I don’t…I swear (this also makes it sound like I have a problem). But really, I greatly decrease my wine to maybe once a week during the 2ww…just happens I go on a 3-4 week long binge leading up to it!

Time to get off my ass and get it to the gym. Maybe if I had a fancy gym like Cece wrote about the other day it’d be easier to get myself there…but knowing me probably not.

September 8, 2007. getting healthy, IUI. 10 comments.

Bye bye bitter self

So my bitterness from this morning is gone (well mostly). I was able to make all of my appointments. I have my HSG Friday morning at 9 and then my follow up with the RE Aug 10th. From there we come up with a plan!! From what we talked about at our last appt I’m guessing it will involve IUI, just not sure which types of meds.

I’m still working on formatting the blog. I added our timeline and some of the other blogs I like to read. I still haven’t gotten to add them all, that takes awhile! So please don’t feel bad if you aren’t on there yet!

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