Wow! Thanks for all those comments. I feel so loved!

Of course while picking up all everything for Mr H at the store last night, I had to pick up some more tests. This morning the line came up before the control and is really dark, so for now, there’s something in there. I did get my beta moved up, so I’ll have some actual info by this afternoon. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but if it’s positive (which I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be) my 2nd will be on Monday. That’s when I’ll feel better. I really need to experience a beta that goes up!

And thanks for the good thoughts for Mr H’s surgery. It went well. Turned out we knew the surgeon who was going to be doing it. He’s a friend of a friend and we’ve hung out with him a bunch. It was nice because he took some extra time to talk to us before the surgery and came out and found me in the waiting room afterwards and talked to me for awhile. I think some of the other family members out there got a little jealous. Most of the other doctors only talked to people for 2-3 minutes! And since he knew us, he didn’t actually do the operation, the attending did, who happens to have been the one to radically chance this procedure a few years ago…so that made me feel better too! It was a long day but he’s feeling much better today. Plus, he’s cautiously excited for our good news 😉

I’ll be sure to update later on when the nurse calls! Thanks again for keeping us in your thoughts


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Out of the shadows

We’ve moved from shadows to a light line! It took awhile to come up and I swear I got about 5 new grey hairs in those 5 minutes but there it is. I suddenly got scared that it was just the trigger still lingering around, but at this point, 12 dpIUI, that has to be long gone, right?

While Mr H is in surgery I’m going to beg and plead to move up beta. Hopefully I can get that tomorrow morning instead. I can’t imagine they wouldn’t let me. If not I’m out of tests so I will seriously need to stock up to make it through the weekend.

Ok, off to the hospital, keep us in your thoughts!

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11dpiui+6:15 pm+bladder held for just under 2 hours=the lightest of shadows on my last dollar tree test. It is the type of shadow only someone with 30 cycles under her belt can make out (well, it’s a bit darker than that).

There is no way it would show up in a picture and I’m certainly not going to start cleaning out the shoe room just yet, but it’s hard not to feel the slightest hint of excitement. And it should be faint, because it’s still a little early, right? I’ve got a first response left too and that wins the honor of the first pee of the day tomorrow. Not to get too far ahead of myself, but if that is also positive I’ll be begging to move my beta up from Monday to Friday.

Again, I can’t let myself get too worked up and I’m not saying anything to Mr H just yet since I can’t bare to disappoint him again. Or myself, since I now have the pleasure of knowing just how fleeting a pregnancy can be and how much a chemical sucks. If I make it past 4 days of positive sticks and a beta that goes up instead of down, I’ll consider this one better than the last.

Speaking of Mr H, please keep him in your thoughts, he’s having sinus surgery tomorrow morning and is understandably nervous. The worst part to him is that his nose will be packed for 24 hours so he won’t be able to breathe. Think of me too, since he can be a bad patient. Really, really hoping I have some good news for him when he comes out of surgery. I won’t tell him beforehand.

In other news, I am loving Mel’s Creme de la Creme. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s a must read. And if you haven’t submitted a post yet, she’s still accepting them. I started looking at it yesterday but decided to save it for the next 2 days while I’m housebound with the recuperating Mr H. It is such an amazing collection and really seems to be an accurate portrayal of the diverse group we are.

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Why did I decide to POAS yesterday afternoon? Yes, I told myself that it was to make sure the trigger was completely out of my system like the Jen’s (he he, just like the Bob’s…great movie) suggested. But really it is because I enjoy torture. I should consider becoming a spy when all this is said and done because no one will ever be able to get anything out of me. I torture myself all the time…for fun even!! Anywho, naturally Friday’s pee stick was white as a ghost. But you see, I rationalized it because I tested in the afternoon and drank a ton of water that day. So this morning, what did a half asleep Meghan have to do??? You guessed it! Pee on yet another stick. And ya know what….the trigger is still out of my system! Now this is where I get good at the self-torture. I’m now telling myself that because I got up to pee in the middle of the night (around 2) that the test I took at 7:30 must not be valid….so tomorrow morning I’ll be at it again! Today is 10dpiui. Yes, I know its still early but still within the realm of possibilities.

Enough of that depressing crap. Let me tell you about my otherwise fantastic Friday night. My MIL always just writes us a check for the holidays and ever year we do something practical with it. And this year we were planning on doing the same. She’s overly generous with her gifts so it would almost cover all of my meds for this next IUI (if necessary). Instead, the fantastic Mr H tells me that his mom wanted to make sure we did something fun so instead she got us tickets to go see Av.enue Q. I’m pretty gullible and easily get excited for a night out. We go out to a fantastic to a place with a great pre-theater menu (I was so pleasantly surprised by this restaurant) and then walk over to the show. The whole time Mr H is telling me that his mom did a bad job with the seats, they suck, on and on. We get there, he walks right past all the ushers and brings me to front row center…right behind the conductor. I was so surprised! He did it all (and I should have know that his mom is not computer savvy enough to buy tickets for anything online). He actually got lucky and when he was buying the tickets last week he told the guy he was trying to plan a nice date for his wife b/c she’d been down lately and the guy at the box office upgraded him! See, it can pay to be miserable and depressed 😉 It was a fantastic show. One where you definitely want to be up close to see all of their facial expressions. I need to download one of the first songs, It Sucks to be Me. I see it becoming a key staple in my pity party rotation.

Today started out fun. Met my almost sister in law in Clarendon for a meeting with the florist. I just love her (my almost sister, not the florist, who was nice) and can not wait for her to officially be my sister. I am so lucky my brother picked someone I actually like. After that I had to rush home to change. I had meetings with 2 families today. Sucked to work 5 hours on a Saturday but that money should totally cover Christmas shopping this year.

And tomorrow is the cookie exchange with the DC Stirrup Queens. And that means I must get myself in the kitchen!!

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