Bowing out (and some questions for ya)

First, thanks for the birthday wishes. I am another one of those ‘birthday month’ people so no one ever has to apologize for being a day late 😉

And now I have to respectfully bow out of NaComLeavMo. It’s crazy time at work, gearing up to hire and train new staff and I barely have time to read, let alone comment. My reader is getting a little bit overwhelming. I have loved checking out some new blogs and getting to know new bloggers and I’ll try to keep up but there is just no way I can do it every day.

Here’s where I get selfish though–since I’ve gotten so many new readers the last week or so I figured it’s a good time to ask my latest round of questions. You ladies are all brilliant and I know a bunch of you work in the medical field so I welcome all advice and ass-vice on this one.

Sometime last year some of my aunts and one of my cousins decided to get tested/screened (not sure exactly how it works) for the breast cancer genes since we have such a significant family history. I didn’t do it at the time because I was getting poked and prodded enough with all of the preliminary testing for the RE and quite honestly, just couldn’t handle the thought of it. Well I found out recently that they tested positive. Now I know it doesn’t mean that I will get cancer, just that it increases the likelihood that I will. My biggest hang up right now is that you all know what else increases your odds of getting breast cancer right…injectible FSH. So while I was lucky enough to get pregnant, in the process did I ensure that this little girl will grow up motherless? Did I pass the gene on to her? I was talking about all this with family last weekend and they all told me to go get tested. But I don’t know how I feel about it. I can’t be anymore proactive than I already am. I got my baseline mammogram at 29, do self exams religiously, and insist that my gyno do exams yearly instead of every 3. So what would it change? But it also raises the question of starting IF treatments again in a few years. At that point I’ll be older so we’d probably be moving straight to IVF, which increases the amounts of hormones I’d be putting into my system. For now, I’m not thinking too much about that last question.

So that’s where my head has been at lately, it’s a little bit of a messy place. And I have one more selfish, shameless thing to do. Every year I run in the K.omen R.ace for the Cure with my family for my aunt. She was first diagnosed 19 years ago and is the strongest lady I know. In fact, she was my rock during all of this IF crap. This year I signed up to show my support but didn’t really plan on doing it or doing too much fundraising, I’m a little pre-occupied and I know I couldn’t do run a 5K right now. But I decided to walk it (in the spirit of full disclosure, probably the 1 mile instead of the 3) and I want to at least make an effort to raise some money. I know we’ve all got different causes that are close to our heart and many of you are trying to figure out how to pay for treatments and testing. But if you’ve got a few spare singles floating around (literally), please consider heading over to my race webpage. (just a warning–in order to get the rest of my fam motivated to donate, I do talk about how I’ll be “walking for two”).

So to wrap up, sorry for bailing on the comment-athon, thanks for any advice about the breast cancer gene crap, and double thanks if any of you click over to the race.


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a pointless post

So all day long I think of all these random things I want to post about, and then when I have a second, I completely forget everything I wanted to say. I haven’t forgotten that I’ve been tagged for 8 random things. I promise I’ll get to that in the next few days 😉

So I’ve just got one question: spotting on clo.mid?? Anyone experience that? I’ve got a call into my nurse but you ladies usually have better info regardless. I’m on CD 7 and the nasty brown spotting started last night. I know that it can mess with your lining and it certainly seems to be doing so! I gotta tell you, it doesn’t really inspire that much confidence that this is going to be the wonder drug and in 3 short weeks I’ll be pregnant.

oh, and while I’ve got all you smarties here, let’s talk antral follicle counts. During my initial testing in August I had 11, which they said was good. This cycle I had 10, which again they said was fine. Not trusting those silly doctors, I put Dr G.oogle on it. Everything I found suggests that in someone my age (30), 10 follicles isn’t that great. Still definitely within the normal range of 10-20, but on the low end of normal. Will definitely talk to my RE about this and it does make me want to be more aggressive next cycle. If I’m already borderline low, what is going to happen in 3-4 years when I want a 2nd child? (I know, I’m getting greedy). Anywho, just wondering if anyone has any other info related to this?


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real quick question

Got my actual progesterone levels this morning, 4.6. Now everything I’ve ever read and found on G.oogle is that over 5 indicates O but that they want over 10. My nurse told me that anything over a 2 indicates O.

What is everyone’s experience? Should I push to take the Pr.overa? I’m just so bad at the sitting part, I need to feel like I’m doing something.

thanks in advance if you’ve got any ideas or suggestions. Assvice is welcome too 😉

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