yet another rant

So I have some real posts in the works; including some pictures from the wedding last weekend, some medical news I got that I’m still iffy on, my progress with NaComLeavMo, and of course, potential family drama. But first I need to yell and scream for a minute.

There’s a young girl here at work that I can not stand. She’s just horrible immature and I have to have all these development meetings with her and basically tell her that she needs to think before she speaks and generally just keep her mouth shut more often. She’s always spewing gossip, is beyond un-professional, and at times, has violated confidentiality. She’s almost been fired for her big mouth. So this morning, I walk into a classroom a few seconds after her and she’s announcing for the whole world to hear, “I can’t believe I’m freaking pregnant, there is no way I’m keeping the thing”. Now IF Meghan outranked supervisor Meghan at this point and I just turned around. This hit me hard. I have always been pro-choice. I knew that I would probably choose to keep a baby but that the choice should still be up to me. But I just wanted to shake this girl. Without even clicking through my blogroll I can think of at least 5 people who would love to love this baby. I just wish I didn’t know.

(and to just add to the gossip-y badness of it, she’s been quite vocal about hooking up with a guy in another classroom so now the whole world knows his business too)

Sorry for yet another rant, I promise I’ll have some real posts up in the next couple of days


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