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I haven’t really posted alot this week because I really don’t know what to say. This whole thing is surreal to me. I feel like I’m on an episode of P.unk’d or something. Any minute now I expect someone to jump out and tell me it’s all a joke.

I’m slowly starting to accept the fact that right now, I’m the p-word. I know that doesn’t translate into an actual baby but I’m going to try to be excited about it. All the old infertile thoughts are really hard to make go away. Take this morning for example, I called to schedule my u/s and my favorite receptionist answered the phone. I hadn’t seen her the last time I was there and as soon as I said my name and what I was calling for, she got all excited, asked if I was p-word, and said congrats and how happy she was for me. Now this is not a story about how nice people at my clinic are, but rather, that all I could think about was the women in the waiting room and how that moment, while exciting for me since this is largely a secret, must have been torturous for them. I would have been miserable if, while sitting there waiting for my pre-dawn appointment with the dildocam, I heard that and would be posting about how insensitive they were, not how nice. Not sure what the whole point of that little story was…I guess just that I don’t know how to think of myself.

I know how I’m feeling though and while I got some temporary relieve from the constipation, it came back rather quickly. I am so bloated from it all, and from all the water I’m drinking to help relieve it, that my pants barely fit. And this is disgusting but I’m farting constantly. I just can’t stop myself, I hate it. It is cracking Mr H up though. Tuesday night I had a handful of the prunes and they did nothing. Last night, I ate about half the container and they worked their magic in the middle of the night. But now, right back to blockage. Makes me feel so sick. I might have to try the prune juice instead. Really not looking forward to that.

I scheduled my ultrasound for the Tuesday the 22nd. That is so far away. I could have made the appointment for that Monday instead but I really wanted my doctor to do it. And, in the alternate universe I’m now living in, would make me 6w3d, which gives us a decent shot of maybe seeing a heart beat. Not that I’m getting ahead of myself.

Thanks again for all the thoughts and good wishes. I’ve saved every single one, they make me cry


January 10, 2008. p-word, symptoms. 25 comments.