thanks ladies

Thanks for all the thoughts and advice. For now I’m going to go with some denial and put off any decision making until sometime next year. I really appreciated everyone’s thoughts on future treatments and I’ll probably talk to my RE before we would start up again to see if what knowing would change. So there….I’m wiping my hands of it for now (or at least trying to).

Can we talk for just one minute about the crazy weather and traffic around DC yesterday. It took me an hour and a half to get home from work last night. As I’m pulling in, Mr H calls to tell me that there is a power outage on the metro and everyone has to get off about 4 stops away from us. So I run in to the house, use the bathroom, feed the cat, grab a granola bar for myself, and get back into the car. It should take me 20 minutes to get to this metro station. One hour and 10 minutes later I pick Mr H up. Some of you might remember that I found out last month that my uterus does not like sitting in the car. As soon as I had that car in park, I jumped out, ran to the passenger side and lied down…felt so much better. Then, instead of trying to go straight home, we decided to go to a little cafe less than 1/2 mile from the metro. In retrospect, we should have just parked the car and walked but instead it took us 30 minutes to get there. Then 45 home. So all in all, four hours in the car. I could have been somewhere fun in that time, but no, I spent it on the beltway and 66.

Thankfully, schools were closed today. I soooo needed it. I thought it would give me the time to catch up on all the end of year paperwork but I had no power or cable (therefore, no internet) until 4 today. So I was forced to relax. And I walked over to the grocery store for lunch since there was no way I was getting back in that car today!

hmmm….reads like a very whiny post, sorry. I really came on just to thank you all for your help and good thoughts. This community never ceases to amaze me!


June 5, 2008. arg, thankful. 24 comments.

Good things

Just to end the day on a positive note, here are some good things I’m thankful for today:

1) all of you ladies. Seriously, we’re all going through some serious crap right now, yet you take the time to comment. It’s amazing how much better this community makes me feel. Which brings me to the next thing I’m thankful for.

2) I got home tonight and in the pile of mail was my bracelet from Bella Vida. I think she has a few left. I am so excited to wear it and proud to be among so many amazing women (although I wish we had all meant under different circumstances).

3) I’m thankful my RE actually gets back to patients. He said if AF hasn’t shown in 4 days to call him. And we can start the IUI as soon it does (my nurse also mention something about sitting out a cycle). And thanks Truculentgirl for mentioning the hysteroscopy, I’ll be sure to ask about that.

So that’s it, I could only come up with 3, but I think that’s pretty darn good all things considered. Thank you all again!!!

November 7, 2007. thankful. 2 comments.