One week old!

I can NOT believe it has been one week already today. I still feel like I’m playing house and babysitting. Or maybe I got a guest spot on that baby traders show or whatever it was. Sweetness and I are doing pretty good, with MAJOR thanks to this lady here, feedings are going 1000x better. And today I actually feel like I could do this.

Here’s a little pic of the two of us this morning. Not the best picture of her, but it is the only one where I looked halfway decent so it’ll have to do for now. Today marked the first day I put real clothes on. And by real clothes I mean maternity. Is it sad I was excited that my maternity pants fit comfortably again?? The last few days I’ve felt like such a milk maid all I’ve done is wear a robe. I was pumping or feeding every 2 hours, no real point in getting dressed then.

I’m working on a bunch of different posts, things I want to remember, our stay (and scare) in the hospital. Someday I’ll have them all up. Let me just say one thing though–and I have a feeling I already wrote it down somewhere but the WORST thing about going into the hospital with a fairly easy labor is that every single nurse, from triage on down the line, had to comment about how I was just made to have babies, how many did I have, how soon would I be pregnant again, etc. Drove me crazy. And this is even after they mentioned that my chart said it was an assisted pregnancy–some people just don’t get it, huh?
Thank you for all the good thoughts, throughout this whole process.

September 11, 2008. the sweetness. 17 comments.