47.6 **updated at bottom**

Not stellar beta results by any means. I really wanted something in the 100’s at least. And my nurse was like a freaking monsoon on the Ma.cy’s Thanksgiving Parade. She couldn’t even tell me to be cautiously optimistic or anything. Instead she said the number was low and now we had to ride it out. As if she was expecting it fail already. What also annoyed me was that she asked when my last period was. Now I have talked to her once a week for the last month because my last period was Sept 2. And I was in there 2 weeks ago for a beta so I could start Pr.overa. Shouldn’t all that info be in my record? She said the number should be much higher if I’m 8-9 weeks pregnant. Of course I’m not….where has she been? I’ve got another beta on Tuesday (doesn’t that seem like a really long time? I thought they were supposed to be every other day). I do have some symptoms that I’ve never had before that actually prompted me to start testing again. As long as they stay I’m happy.

I also asked about taking the Pr.ometrium since I already filled the Rx and I’m having some pink and brown spotting. She talked to my dr and he said I didn’t need to but didn’t give my P4 levels. Doesn’t that seem weird? I think I’m going to email him, he’s gotten back to me on the weekend before so hopefully he will again. And I might just start taking it…it can’t hurt right??

Thank you so much for all your kind words and good wishes. This is so completely unreal to me. I honestly never even thought I’d make it this far. And now I can’t decide if I should be hopeful, thus setting myself up for the biggest devastation of my life when this goes south OR plan for the worst and then when it does go south, blame myself for not being optimistic and loving this little poppy seed.

Mr. H (who was finally convinced at 6 am this morning when I threw 2 pee sticks at him…what a way to wake up) has poker night later so I’m going to settle in with my good buddies Ben and Jerry (my replacement for the wine) and some tv. I’m almost done the 3rd season of Grey’s on DVD. I want to finish it up because the DVR is getting really full.

Thanks again ladies. Any advice (or assvice) on betas or the Pr.ometrium would be much appreciated!!

My dr just emailed me back (at 6 on a Friday, I think that pretty much rocks) and said the Pr.ometrium wouldn’t hurt and it’s questionable if it will help but I can start if I need to feel like I’m doing something proactive. A vaginal suppository never sounded so good 😉


November 2, 2007. ummmm.... 7 comments.