• This is the first time the house has been quiet and empty since December 21st.  Technically the baby is upstairs sleeping but S is at school, it’s quiet, and I’ve got a little something extra in my coffee.   I couldn’t be happier right now.
  • The in-laws were here for 4 days.  I could do about 8 editions of WTF but the last one still pretty much covers it. 
  • I shouldn’t complain too much though since they babysat for us twice.  That’s right, 2 dates in 1 weekend.  I think hubby and I talked more this weekend than we have in the past 3 years.  Good thing we discovered that we still like each other!
  • We all got our asses kicked by the horrible plague that’s going around here.  I’m still scarred.  And if I watch any more Toy Story I think I’m going to lose my mind. 
  • I started on a new pill last week and have now had my period for 9 days.  I know I should probably call the doctor but I just don’t want to have to shave.  How pathetic am I?  And I know that technically I don’t have to shave to go, he probably doesn’t care, but I do, so I won’t. 
  • I got a semi-regular job!  It’s at my old school, doing some supervision while covering someone’s maternity leave.  It’s 1 day a week onsite, which sucks because it’s a long drive in terrible traffic and I now have to find a babysitter but the rest of the time I can work from home.  And most importantly, for the next 3 months we won’t be pulling money out of our savings.  I doubt we’ll have anything leftover to save but it’ll be nice to not run a deficit for a few months. 
  • Plus we’re re-financing.  How could we not with these crazy interest rates.  I will be very happy to pay 300 less on my mortgage every month.
  • Wow this is boring.  I should probably get on the Friday Night Leftovers bandwagon so I can get all this crap out on a weekly basis.
  • Now I’m off to work out.  Just signed up for a 10K to force myself back on the treadmill.  Nothing like fear of looking ridiculous in public to motivate!
  • Oh yeah, happy new year to everyone. 

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